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    Teased: Tesla spies something that begins with the letter D

    Lest there be any doubt to the contrary, Tesla is a company on the move. Following the sensational Tesla Roadster, the Model S is now humming down roads across the country and around the world. And there's more to come: the entry-level Model 3, the upcoming Model X crossover... and something ...

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    Spy Shots: Mini working on diesel "S" versions of Cooper, Clubman?

    Mini Cooper and Clubman S Diesel - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Spy shooters posted outside Mini's testing facility in Germany snagged a duo of prototypes heading out for testing, but something seemed amiss. Both models -- a standard Cooper and a mildly camo'd Clubman -- sported the ...

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    Rumormill: Mini Cooper S JCW diesel on the way

    AutoExpress sat down with a senior engineer from Mini and asked if the automaker would consider offering a hopped-up diesel variant of the Cooper through JCW, Mini's in-house tuning division. The answer was a simple "good idea" and AE ran with it, speculating that the boosted oilburner could ...

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    Vintage Tech: The Granddaddy of EFI

    Every car on the road now has fuel injection. There was no real battle royale between electronic systems and mechanical, though both flavors saw plenty of development. Rochester's Ramjet system was effective and quite slick, contained in a special intake manifold. Bosch had K-Jetronic which was a ...


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