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    Time Waster of the Day: New Jaguar XJ Online Configurator

    We may still be a ways off before customers – on this side of the Atlantic especially – can begin placing orders for a new Jaguar XJ, but that hasn't stopped Coventry from launching its online configurator post haste. Visitors to the Jaguar website can spec out their dream Jag and ...

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    Futuremark designs new concept dash for Audi

    This is the kind of computerized world we can get behind -- not the kind that drives for you whether you like it or not, but the one that allows you to do your human thing even better. Futuremark has created a concept instrument and dash cluster for Audi that is rendered entirely in 3D graphics. In ...

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    Put a Porsche in your driveway, well sort of...

    If you want to see how that new Porsche is going to look in your driveway (or you just need to impress the women who frequent your favorite online dating service), our friends in Stuttgart have given us all the tools we'll need. Well, in a sense at least. Point your favorite browser here, and ...

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    Pretty Colors: Bugatti offers new rims n' trims for Veyron

    Let's admit it: playing around with the customizing tools for cars you never intend to buy is fun. Although the Veyron's is one of the nicer ones we've tinkered around with, the lack of choices gets boring pretty quick, two-tone paint schemes notwithstanding. Fortunately the good folks at Bugatti ...

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    You too can pimp your Audi like a footballer

    Audi has decided that its consumers are best suited to customize the exterior and interior design scheme of their rides, so the four-ringed crew is launching a new personalization program dubbed "Exclusive." The plan is to give new Audi buyers the option of making bespoke themes for any model in ...

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    Today's Distraction: Pimp my classic German ride

    Looking for a good way to waste time? There's no shortage out there, but here's one that's good for a few hours you'll never get back. gives you the tools to customize any of a variety of classic German cars. As the name suggests, the site started out a few years back with the ...

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    Buick crashing SEMA with 11 custom Lucernes

    Like a dad descending the basement steps and asking in on a round of Halo 2 with his son and his buddies, Buick will be showing up at SEMA this year with no less than 11 customized Lucernes. It will be the first time in the event's 43-year history that General Motors' elder-brand will appear on the ...

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    Volvo readies three C30 concepts for SEMA

    click on image above to enlargeAs you know, we were unabashedly impressed with the C30 when it debuted as a concept at the 2006 North American International Auto Show and were equally excited to see the production version lost little of the concept's charm. It turns out that Volvo is pretty excited ...

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    2007 Scion tC Spec Package for tuners

    Back in May we revealed that Scion would be pricing its tuner-ready 2007 tC Spec Package at $15,000 with a manual transmission and $15,800 with an automatic. Unfortunately it took Toyota until now to furnish some photos of what the tC Spec Package will look like, but it came through today with a ...

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    Mass customization craze Optomizes Scion

    Scion may have forgtten the spellcheck, but its remembered to bring some excellent aftermarket suppliers for its customization program called Optomize. The 150 possible parts (Alpine and H3R Performance among them) can be added by dealers at the time of purchase, and are covered by the ...

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    Mazda beefs up build-to-order Web-Tuned Roadster

    Little known outside of Japan is the fact that you can design a build-to-order Mazda online and see you custom creation through to purchase without ever leaving your chair. Mazda’s Web Tune Factory has been up and running since 2001 and the newest addition to the lineup of 22 available ...


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