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    Pininfarina 'Golden Ferrari' one-off revealed?

    Golden Ferrari one-off by Pininfarina – Click above for an image gallery
    Toby Dammit, a character in the Fellini film Histoires Extraordinaires, roared about Rome in a gold Ferrari back in 1968. Marketed in the United States under the name 'Spirits of the Dead,' one of the most memorable ...

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    Novitec squeezes 808 hp from twin-superchargerd Ferrari 599

    Click above for hi-res gallery of Novitec Rosso's Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano While America's top tuners make the scene in Las Vegas for this year's SEMA show, aftermarket firms across the pond are still moving ahead at full steam. Case in point, Novitec Rosso's latest take on the Ferrari 599 GTB ...

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    Yanko Designs renders one-off Ferraris

    UPDATE: The designs that Yanko's got on its website are from a past Ferrari design competition, thanks to all the sharp eyed readers who caught it. As we reported not too long ago, Ferrari is not stupid, and if you've got the obscene cashflow, you can get your own design rendered in Rosso Corsa ...

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    Heck, it's your money: Ferrari ready to build customer one-offs

    Hard as it may be to believe, the existing stock of Ferrari road cars just isn't enough for some. For those discerning (and exceedingly wealthy) customers, a unique Prancing Horse of their own is the only thing that will satisfy their need for automotive individuality. Far be it for us to ...

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    Scarilicious: Edo Competition 599 Fiorano 630 Scuderia

    Click to view the Edo 630 Scuderia in hi-res Say what you will about Edo and the things it does to supercars, but you've got to hand it to them: it takes a lot of nether-regional fortitude to try and improve on the most finely honed and intricately developed performance machines. The latest results ...


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