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    Rumormill: Dodge Challenger SS Drag package weeks away

    Dodge Challenger Super Stock shown from 2006 SEMA ShowJust like in the '60s, some people will take their new 2008 Dodge Challengers to the drags. Chrysler is reportedly ready to make this very easy for new Challenger owners. Allpar is reporting that within a few weeks, there will issue forth from ...

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    Friday Fun: RWD Scion xB with Chevy V8 power!

    click above for more high-res iamges of the V8-powered Scion xBForget about body kits, custom fiberglass enclosures for your woofer and LCDs in the headrests. This is the only way to make the Scion xB entertaining in our humble opinion. Oh yeah, Scion wants you to think its cars are more fun than a ...

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    Solstice F430: Abomination or Pontiac perfected?

    click above to view more images of the Solstice F430There's a pretty healthy argument to be made for leaving the styling of your Pontiac Solstice alone. It did end up in production virtually off the show floor, as evidenced by the cockpit's spaciousness and spectacular materials (hint: saracasm). ...

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    CarDomain Find of the Day: V8, mid-engined Ford Festiva

    click above image for galleryFestiva, mid-mounted V8 – okay, we're with you. Front wheel drive? Uh, sounds like a fine way to blow a lot of dollars adapting components in order to send the power to the wrong pair of 13-inch tires. No Festiva conversion will ever top the SHOgun, which planted ...

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    Graphics accelerator: Nvidia's custom computer housed in a Porsche Cayenne wheel

    click above image for more pics Automotive-branded computers are nothing new, but this takes it to new levels. The computer hardware is housed in a chromed 18-inch wheel from the Porsche Cayenne sport-utility, wrapped in Bridgestone rubber with twin exhaust-silencers housing the liquid cooling ...

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    Hennessey releases details on Venom GT

    Evidently not satisfied with having trounced the Bugatti Veyron in Road & Track's 0-200 mph showdown with its twin-turbo Viper, those tuners on speed over at Hennessey Performance Engineering are preparing a mid-engined supercar of their own. We brought you initial news, coupled with a teaser ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Jeep Grand Cherokee Commando Edition

    Here's a familiar morning routine now that the weather's turning colder: start car, set heat on high, retreat inside to finish coffee. There's plenty of debate for and against the practice of warming up by idling, but the unfortunate story of this ZJ could bolster the argument for just getting in ...

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    SEMA Preview: Honda debuting two tuned Accord Coupes

    Click image to enlargeWe're starting to get that overwound spring feeling in the pits of our stomachs as SEMA is roaring down upon us. Next week, the ginormous event for tuners and aftermarket manufacturers gets underway in Las Vegas, and Honda will be there with two Accord Coupes they spiced up ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Topless Taurus makes us Neff swoon

    Having healthy fascination with the SHO is one thing; that car was kick-ass, so the lust is understandable. This, on the otherhand, is just... wrong. Not even the novelty of a Taurus convertible can redeem this car from being anything more than a wrong-headed bucket of, um, fertilizer. Sawz-All ...

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    Bentley to increase in-house coachbuilding

    Bentley Continental GT Speed - Click to view hi-res image gallery. As Bentley's production numbers continue to grow, taking the classic British marque farther from the fringe and closer to the mainstream – that is, in as much as six-digit luxury automobiles could be considered "mainstream" ...

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    eBay find of the day: KaiserCamino?

    While Ford was first to market with the pickup-cum-car Ranchero, and El Camino has attained universal descriptor status, like Kleenex, it looks like Kaiser presaged the idea in 1954 with this one-off. Kaiser was one of many smaller independents that had yet to die off in the early 1950s. The ...

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    Honk? How 'bout "Move it, Sucka!"?

    It'll cost you about the same as an iPod, but it's so much cooler. Or obnoxious. Mike Kosco dreamed up a way to make his Hummer growl, as well as sing whatever nuggets that could be crammed into 256 megabytes, too. If you're driving around a Hummer with the Incredible Hulk on the hood, you should ...

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    eBay Find Of The Day: Porsche Wagon

    click image for galleryThis is the best.wagon.evar. Perhaps it's better described as a "shooting brake." Whatevs, the lines of the Porsche 944 lend themselves shockingly well to wagonization. Our Dutch is nonexistent, but from what we can gather, this 1981 944 Turbo could be yours if you've got ...

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    eBay find of the day: RX-7-based Jaguar E-type replica

    click the pic above to see a gallery of 17 shotsDouble sacrilege, or sincere tribute? We sincerely love Mazda's RX-7, yet we've also got a place in our hearts for E-Type Jaguars. We're a little sad to see that a 1985 RX-7 was sacrificed to create this very convincing E-Type replica, but maybe we ...

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    VIDEO: From cutting up Ferraris to building the Eco-Jet: Metalcrafters

    The most entertaining part of this video, by far, is the stupid ad-libbed "purr" from the newscaster at the end, as they go to banter before the probable throw to the weather. That's what newscasters do when the story is done, say some insipid crap, then toss to the meteorologist to segue from ...

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    Zagato puts Diatto GT Ottovu into limited production

    Click on the image above to view the new Diatto GT Ottovu in high resolution Hot on the heels of our Top 10 Coachbuilt Supercars comes the announcement from Zagato that the Italian carrozeria will be reviving the stoic Diatto marque with a small run of the Diatto GT Ottovu. First shown at the ...

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    Autoblog's Top 10 Coachbuilt Supercars

    Sometimes the past deserves to remain in the past, but once in a while the automotive industry reaches into its history to resurrect something worthwhile whose demise was regrettable and whose return is welcome. The return of coachbuilding is one example of an industry trend we're glad is making a ...

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    eBay Find Of The Day: Terchero

    var digg_url = ''; What is it about the front-loaded form factor introduced by the Ford Ranchero in 1957 that the compulsion to modify other cars in its image is so great? Witness this first-generation Toyota Tercel - it's got a "needs ...

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    Citroen 2CV ala Picasso

    The Citroen 2CV is already a unique-looking car, with Citroen's distinct mid-century-modern style and flair. The French auto could be considered the opening salvo in a styling onslaught that led to such heights of style as the DS. A regular 2CV could be considered a piece of art, and Andy Saunders ...

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    VIDEO: Hangin' with the Glick and his P4/5

    It's what we all aspire to as car guys; to be wealthy enough to indulge any flights of fancy and see our dreams rendered in metal and composite. James Glickenhaus' ultimate custom, the one of a kind Ferrari P 4/5 has earned the right to wear official Ferrari badging, and we don't know of anyone ...


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