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ctr 3

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    Video: Car and Driver drives Ruf's legendary Yellowbird, new CTR 3

    There are so many tuners and so little time given to historical research that we tend to dismiss a fettled car with "Oh, another one...". German speed merchant Ruf actually is different: it's actually classified as a manufacturer, not a tuner, it's been in business since 1939, and it began ...

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    Geneva: Ruf gets to work on the 991 Porsche 911, reveals new CTR 3 [w/video]

    The all-new 991 variant of the Porsche 911 has only been on sale for a few months, but renowned Porsche tuner Ruf is already hard at work applying its patented blend of power, handling and braking to the latest 911. On hand at the Geneva Motor Show are two new 991-based Rufs, the Rt 35 ...

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    Full official specs, new photos of the RUF CTR 3

    Click image for an updated photo gallery var digg_url = ''; First things first: Contrary to what was widely reported yesterday (including here), the RUF CTR 3 is not derived from the Porsche Cayman. That makes it no ...


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