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crown victoria

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    (Black and) Blue Oval: Ford of Canada labor costs reportedly world's highest

    it wasn't long ago that U.S. automakers were producing a high percentage of their new products in Canada because labor costs were lower up north than are here in the States. The cost paradigm changed considerably after GM and Chrysler went into Chapter 11 reorganization, as the ailing automakers ...

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    REPORT: Ford preparing cops for life after Crown Vic, has police sample Taurus

    Quick quiz: What vehicle transported Paris Hilton to prison? If you answered Ford's Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, you took the easy route and you were correct. The older than thou Crown Vic accounts for about 85% of the 75,000 police vehicles sold each year – a market where styling, ...

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    VIDEO: Priceless 1989 Ford dealer training films offer timeless amusement

    1989 Ford dealer training clip - click above image to watch the videos
    Y'all remember Robocop? You know, the really excellent Eighties action masterpiece about a shot-to-hell cop that comes back as a bulletproof robot to rid Detroit of über baddies like the ruthless Clarence Boddiker and ...

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    Ford to shutter Ontario plant sometime in 2010

    Despite the lack of a formal announcement (nor any real surprise), the Detroit News has the inside scoop on Ford's plan to close its Ontario plant after production of the Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car ceases, likely by the end of 2010.The 2.6-million square foot ...

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    Crown Vic prepares to give up its scepter

    click above image to view more pics of the Ford Crown Victoria According to Ford sources who gossiped to Ward's Auto, the Ford Crown Victoria won't be available on retail lots after 2008. From 2009, the only folks who can buy one are police and taxi drivers. Even that frontier is being threatened, ...

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    Michigan cops switching to cheaper, more efficient V6 Impalas

    click image above for high-res galleryIn a sign of the impending apocalypse, Michigan police departments are steadily switching from the stalwart Ford Crown Victoria to less expensive FWD Chevy Impalas with more efficient V6 engines. Oakland county plans on saving $220,000 per year in lower fuel ...

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    Spy Shots: Ford Crown Victoria Special Edition, Yay!

    Many fans of the Ford Motor Company are longing for some form of the RWD Interceptor concept to become a production reality, and little do they know, such a vehicle is on the way. Well, it's not exactly the Interceptor concept, but spy shots of the 2008 Crown Victoria show that the original Police ...

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    2008 Ford Crown Victoria to be fleet-only, new features offered for police version

    var digg_url = ''; Over at The Blue Oval Forums, the new vehicle inventory manager for Hamden, CT's Bob Thomas Ford posted word that the ordering guide for the '08 Crown Vic came in and the car is now only available to ...

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    VIDEO: Team Panther slides. We catch their drift.

    Even if you hate drifting, you 've got to admit that when the slides are executed with flair, it's pretty entertaining to watch. That's how we felt when we first saw the the video above. In it, Team Panther's 600+ horsepower Ford Police Interceptor puts on a great little show during last year's ...

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    A Crown Vic that probably won't be seen in your rear-view mirror

    Ford's SOHC 4.6L V8 isn't exactly known for its potential to make big power, and saddling it with over two tons of mass means that Crown Vics aren't exactly feared on the streets unless they're being driven by a police officer. Sal Mennella from Power Surge Performance (a shop specializing in Ford ...

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    Ford Crown Vic redesign due in 2009, the fuzz is pleased

    The Crown Victoria will live! That's the word, according to a recent article in Law and Order magazine, which puts to rest rumors of Ford killing off its body-on-frame, V8-powered, RWD sedan, loved by police and loathed by anyone who's gotten the gumball machine treatment.The Crown Victoria Police ...

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    Ford Australia investment could spawn next Crown Vic

    As we reported earlier today Ford's Australian arm has announced a big investment that includes aid from the Australian government. It will result in the development of an engineering and design "centre of excellence" for the Asia Pacific and Africa region, as well as new product plans that may, ...

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    Citizen review of Charger police cruiser

    No doubt many of you have already begun seeing Dodge Charger police cruisers patrolling your neighborhoods. As soon as Michelle Wingard of Amherst, OH (population 14,000) saw a Charger with a light bar trolling in her neck of the woods she made a B-line to the precinct to get a closer look. Thanks ...


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