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    Report: Chrysler trademarks 8 Mile, ProMaster

    Chrysler has been busy at the trademark office. reports the manufacturer has laid claim to a stack of new names, including Detroit Motor Works, Wrangler Freedom Edition, 8 Mile, Crossroad and Chrysler 100, as well as Ram ProMaster and the Ram ProMaster City. The automaker has made no ...

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    Honda unveils 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon lineup

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Sports Modulo S2000 Concept and friends
    Detroit's not the only auto show kicking off on January 11. The annual Tokyo Auto Salon (think "Japanese SEMA") also kicks off this Sunday, and Honda has announced the vehicle lineup it'll display at Makuhari Messe. ...

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    Ford Fiesta Crossroad not for offroad

    Does anyone really think the world needs another tiny hatchback posing as a sport-ute? We were hoping nobody did, but apparently some guys over at Ford Europe thought this was a good idea. And so they've rolled out the Fiesta Crossroad. We'll preemptively answer your first question in the ...

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    Why was the Honda Crossroad in L.A.? Here's why...

    Remember when we all wasted an afternoon trying to guess what car Honda was trotting around the streets L.A.? Good times, good times. The small CUV captured on camera by an Autoblog reader turned out to be the new Honda Crossroad the automaker officially unveiled just yesterday. Thanks to Carscoop, ...

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    Mugen goes Crossroading

    Click image for Mugen wallpapersMugen wastes no time when it comes to offering accessories for new Honda models, and the debut of the Crossroad means that a full suite of tasty upgrades is available already. Those of you who find the Crossroad's Ford-esque grille off-putting take note: Mugen ...

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    Honda Crossroad introduced in Japan

    click above image to high-res gallery with 55 imagesHonda has officially revived the Crossroad name today for a new small CUV that will only be sold in its home market of Japan. If you read Autoblog on a regular basis, you will remember the stir this vehicle caused when it was spotted in L.A. and ...

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    Honda Crossroad, the "mystery JDM car," hits Japan 2/22

    The Honda Crossroad, the mystery JDM car whose reader-submitted spy photos generated a flood of comments, conjecture, and a fair number of arguments, will go on sale in Japan on February 22. The car's official website is up in teaser mode right now, but if you want to see what it looks like, you ...

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    Mystery JDM car revealed as Honda Crossroad

    UPDATE: More photos added after jumpThe mystery JDM vehicle we showed you traipsing around downtown L.A. a week or so ago has been revealed to be the Honda Crossroad, a utility vehicle that's smaller than a CR-V destined only for the Japenese domestic market. Though we were more than certain the ...


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