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5Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen CrossGolf

On Tuesday, we brought you the initial details on the new VW CrossGolf, which made its debut in Paris yesterday. Autoblogger Eric Bryant snapped some pictures of the neat-looking veedub and forwarded along the official info from Volkswagen.

AddSpy Shots: VW CrossGolf

Here are some spy shots of what is most likely the oft caught Volkswagen CrossGolf/Bedouin mini-ute. Our friends from the GermanCarBlog somehow pair this mule with the Concept A ute that debuted in Geneva. In retrospect, the Concept A seems more like an exercise in design rather than a precursor to a production vehicle. The vehicle we see in this shot shares hardly any visual cues with the Concept A (besides the badge) and is most likely the latest iteration of the elusive CrossGolf. Then again,

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