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    Goodbye, Chrysler Crossfire

    The Chrysler Crossfire was one of those unfortunate exercises in style-over-substance. What's worse is that its style was somewhat questionable, garnering reactions from "oh, that's interesting" to "make it stop, please make it stop". Well, Chrysler finally listened to the latter, and here at ...

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    Chrysler offering new rebates; four defunct models priced to go

    It looks like Chrysler is going to give car shoppers a holiday gift as incentive to signing on the dotted line. After a rough year that saw the automaker break away from its Daimler overlords, Chrysler wants to end 2007 on a high note. To that end it will be offering rebates on virtually every ...

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    Surprise! Crossfire survives for another year

    When the Crossfire was introduced, it was hailed as the consummation of the German-American marriage between Daimler and Chrysler. It's success, or lack thereof, may have foretold the rocky relationship that would ensue over the following years. But even though sales have continued to decline, ...

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    Chrysler Crossfire set to meet its maker

    After five years of stagnant sales, Chrysler may finally be killing off its latest attempt at a sports coupe. According to AutoTelegraaf, production of the Crossfire is likely to end sometime this summer, due in part by the model's slow sales, as well as the production contract with Karmann ending ...

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    Vote for TTAC's Ten Worst Autos Today

    Voting is open for The Truth About Cars' first ever Ten Worst Automobiles Today (or TWAT) award that we told you about earlier in the month. The initial list of more than 120 reader nominations contained predictable TWAT-eligible autos like GM's ancient minivans, uh, sorry, Crossover Sport Van, a ...

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    Chrysler Crossfire takes a year off

    With so many 2005 Crossfires sitting on dealer lots across the U.S. that Chrysler resorted to discounting the car on during the Christmas season, the company has no plans for a 2006 model in the U.S.But it's not all doom and gloom for Chrysler's RWD sports car. There is a 2006 model - ...

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    Chrysler caught in own Crossfire?

    When it comes to the sports car market, judging by the numbers, Chrysler has been shooting blanks with its Crossfire. Reports Monday say that DaimlerChrysler is negotiating compensation with German subcontractor Karmann (which builds the Crossfire for Chrysler) because of lower-than-expected ...


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