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    ETC: Check out a credit card that rewards you with performance parts

    UMB Financial Services has a long history of combining cars and banking, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that the bank is backing a Roush Yates-branded Visa Platinum Rewards credit card. Back in 1928, when it was called City Center Bank, what became UMB Financial Corporation introduced ...

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    American Express offers pricey Porsche special in Hong Kong

    Ask anyone with the Centurion card from American Express and they'll tell you black is the new gold. The new platinum, even. Now the exclusive credit card has launched a special edition Porsche, just for card holders. The Porsche 911 Carrera S Centurion Edition is distinguished by matte black ...

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    Ohio Turnpike begins accepting credit & debit cards at toll booths

    Cruising the Ohio Turnpike is about to get a whole lot easier. Anyone who's ever traveled the highway is probably plenty familiar with the annoyance of having to scrounge for change and small bills to pay at each toll booth. But after holding out for years, the Ohio Turnpike Commission is taking a ...

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    New York cabbies strike, opposed to new cost-prohibitive regs

    Those of you in the Big Apple waiting for a cab while reading your favorite automotive news site may have noticed that you're able to get through a few more articles than normal. Why? A sizable number of New York cabbies have called it quits today in a general strike that began at 5 AM this morning ...

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    MYMINI customizable VISA cards

    Despite the fact our credit card debt is anything but mini, at least we can now have the iconic brand emblazoned across the face of our plastic. MINI has news of another new credit card, this one a VISA, upon the face of which cardholders can customize a MINI to their liking. Of course, in order to ...

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    BMW and MINI American Express Cards - UPDATED

    BMW and MINI have cozied up with American Express to offer co-branded credit cards with an awards program through which they can win fabulous BMW/MINI-related trips and prizes. Looks like it might be only for Great Britain, so let's hope the two companies extend this gig stateside ASAP. ...


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