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    Pole Dance: NHTSA to add new side-impact crash test? [w/VIDEO]

    NHTSA side-impact pole test – click above to watch the video
    Not satisfied with cars that manage crash forces well enough to avoid spilling your drink, and engines that run so clean they'll barely asphyxiate ants, a new crash test is reportedly coming in the works from the National Highway ...

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    VIDEO: GM crash-test footage from the Sixties proves we've come a long way, baby

    GM 1968 Crash Test Footage: Click above to view the video after the jump
    Back in the Sixties, cars were huge. Some equated the size of their boats-on-wheels with safety, and even if their vehicle actually had seat belts, many didn't bother to use them. Fast forward to today, and we have ...

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    VIDEO: Renault's crash ballet car commercial

    Renault really got the creative juices flowing when it came time to brag up its glut of five star European crash test scores. The result is a new, 93 second TV spot. It starts off elegantly enough, but soon, side mirrors start to explode, and by the end, a couple of Renaults are going all Dukes of ...


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