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    Video: Watch this massive 8-minute long compilation of 2013 Nürburgring crashes

    Planning a trip to the Nürburgring any time soon? This video might make you, at the very least, reconsider taking a super-expensive car (or bike) to the legendary German track. Yes, this is an eight-minute video of just crashes. It's actually kind of hypnotizing to watch. Now, it's ...

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    Report: NHTSA says 2011 traffic deaths declined nearly 2%, but on upswing in 2012

    After a new analysis of 2011's traffic fatality numbers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there were even fewer deaths than previously reported: 32,367 are reported to have died on the road last year, a 1.9-percent drop compared to 2010. Previously the drop had been ...

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    Report: Traffic fatalities see surprise 13.5% jump in 2012

    Just as safety authorities were lauding the decrease in automobile driver fatalities and lamenting the unchanged motorcycle rider fatalities for 2011, we get news that traffic deaths have risen overall in Q1 of this year by a whopping 13.5 percent. The National Highway Traffic Safety ...

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    Study: Latest reason for teen crashes? Peer pressure

    A new study from the water-is-still-wet research department has found that teens may have been the victims of peer pressure just before a crash. The studies were crafted by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm. The first study surveyed 198 teens and found that those who were ...

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    Study: West Virginia traffic accidents rise after NASCAR races

    West Virginia has more NASCAR fans per capita than any other state in the nation. Fitting, then, that The Mountain State was chosen by the Journal of Applied Social Psychology for a study on what connection, if any, exists between watching crash-filled races on television and how viewers then ...

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    Video: Vintage crash compilation shows how far racing has come

    This compilation of racing crashes in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s is a jarring reminder of when auto racing really was a life-or-death venture. Put simply, if you drove a race car during this period, you were as likely to be killed as you were to retire. Thanks to ever-increasing speeds and no ...

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    Auto journalist's 16-year old son crashes Porsche 911 Turbo - in his garage

    We'll admit it – one of the best parts about being an auto journalist is the ability to spend time with many different cars, most of which are in our possession for a week at a time. And while the automakers trust us to be extremely careful and avoid damage at all costs, sometimes the ...

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    New 'skull and skin' helmet sounds creepy cool

    Have you heard the expression "break neck speeds?" This often overused tag has become the go-to hook line in many motorcycle crash stories on your local evening news. A new design concept called Super Skin from Industrial Design Consultancy, or IDC, looks to address the core issue. Eighty percent ...

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    VIDEO: Australian Transport Accident Commission celebrates 20 years of disturbing commercials

    Don't drink and drive - Click above to view the video after the jump
    Years ago when we were in drivers ed watching either Blood on the Highway or Red Asphalt -- the two gore-filled negative education films from the early 1970s that tried to scare us stright -- the cheerleader seated in front of ...

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    VIDEO: Ten minutes of rally crashes devoid of butt-rock soundtrack

    Finns crashing with pure engine sounds - Click above to watch the video
    It's often said that the Finns are drunk and walk around carrying axes the best rally drivers in the world. There's been lots of speculation as to why. Some say it's their relative isolation -- large distances between places ...

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    Feds' new crash-test program to go into effect in 2010

    Click above to view video of the 2008 smart fortwo crash testEach year, it seems as if more and more new models are able to ace both the IIHS' and the government's crash-test ratings. In fact, according to Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, 97-percent of all new cars available today earn the ...

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    VIDEO: Sometimes it's best to quit while you're ahead

    Professionals earn pockets full of cheese usually because they do whatever it is they do better, faster, stronger than anyone else. Sometimes, though, they get the big bucks because they'll do something again after having nearly killed themselves the first time. That is: they'll get right back on ...

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    What do 5-star ratings really mean?

    When manufacturers get a 5-star crash rating for one of their models, the klieg lights and publicity klaxon get thorough workouts. Those tiny ten-sided polygons have gotten to mean so much to consumers that it's not unusual for a carmaker to drop a few hundred large on prime time commercial space ...

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    VIDEO: Adventures on ice in the Pacific Northwest

    Ice is one of those things that people can never seem to figure out. For some reason they just keep on driving, no matter what the conditions might be. These Portlanders, apparently, are no different than the rest of us. They learn the hard way that when everything is frozen, the laws of ...

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    Are you an Aries? Then you may suck at driving

    Next time you smash your ride into something, just blame it on the stars. Tell the cop Mercury was in retrograde, causing your driving to follow suit and thus leading to the crash of your Mercury. Watch out if you're an Aries with an Aries - that's a dangerous thing to, a ...

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    Decling death rates due to safer vehicles, not better drivers

    The number of fatal crashes on U.S. roads have steadily declined over the last few decades and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has found that this has little do with a safer motoring public and more to do with safer vehicle design.Their findings confirm what has been assumed for ...

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    PSA: What to do after a car crash

    Few people think about car crashes before they happen, and immediately after one occurs isn't the time to start. Therefore, putting a few minutes into post-crash preparation makes sense before finding yourself staring into a deflated airbag with a dazed look. Doug Flint from The Car Connection ...


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