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crash test dummy

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    Report: There's a reason all crash test dummies were male until last year

    Last year, government regulators made female crash test dummies a mandatory part of crash evaluations for the first time in collision evaluation history. Until then, manufacturers had been content to use dummies patterned after the average American male. Safety advocates have argued for years ...

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    Video: Behind the scenes with Mr. Johansson, the Saab crash test dummy

    Being a crash test dummy is hard work. You get placed in a vehicle that's smashed into walls, T-boned by battering rams, jolted around and flipped upside down. All in the name of safety, making our cars a more secure environment to transport ourselves, our friends and our families. And it's ...

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    Video: Meet General Motors' new crash test dummies

    Once there was this kid, who, got into an accident and couldn't come to school... he said it was from when the cars had smashed so hard (Mmm mmm mmm mmm). Thankfully, that "kid" is actually a full-scale anthropomorphic test device, better known as a crash test dummy. General Motors, along with ...

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    Ford begins work on digital child crash-test dummy

    Ford has started working on a digital child body model to better understand the effects of car crashes on youngsters. The model will be created from MRI scans of real children and used in computerized crash tests to see how accidents specifically effect small kids. Ford hopes the model will ...

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    GM crash test dummy donated to Smithsonian after 15 years of whiplash

    GM's H50-1 ATD in action – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors has made an unusual donation to the Smithsonian: a crash test dummy. Well, not just any crash test dummy. The company handed over its H50-1 anthromorphic testing device, or ATD, to the museum to help catalog ...

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    Video: GM shows off how to make a crash test dummy

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We love crash test videos because there's nothing quite like a 35 mph collision between a two-ton automobile and a cement barrier done in the name of science and safety. When we watch the slow-motion footage we marvel at the twisting metal and the ...

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    Honeywell orphans crash test dummies

    Honeywell International announced Wednesday that it will sell its First Technology Safety Systems unit, which provides integrated crash testing solutions (including an extended family of crash test dummies), to a European private investment group for $87.3 million. FTSS is based in ...


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