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    Official: Swedish Automobile changes name back to Spyker

    What's in a name? Just ask the people at Spyker. Back in 2010, the small Dutch producer of exotic GTs bought an ailing Saab from General Motors and proceeded to focus all its energies on keeping it afloat. And as if to reflect that shift in focus, changed its name to Swedish Automobile NV ...

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    Official: CPP promises modern Jensen Interceptor

    History lesson, folks. Those of you familiar with the classic Jensen Interceptor from the 1960s and 1970s can completely skip this introductory paragraph. For the rest of you, the Interceptor was a two-door GT Coupe (or convertible or hatchback) built by Jensen Motors between 1966 and 1976 in the ...

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    CPP moving in at former Jaguar plant at Browns Lane

    There are certain locations that, as you might have noticed on these pages, denote the automakers that are based there. Maranello, for example, is synonymous with Ferrari. Auburn Hills is Chrysler central. Molsheim has long been Bugatti's spiritual home. But what about Coventry? Historically the ...

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    Report: Bowler's first production rally-raider to cost nearly $250,000

    With some of the most ferocious high-speed off-road vehicles under its belt, Bowler is no stranger to conquering new territory. But its latest project is something entirely different for the British rally-raid racing firm. The company was recently purchased by Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP), ...

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    Official: CPP-Zagato partnership announcement stops short of full acquisition

    Just a few weeks ago, we brought you a report that suggested that CPP had acquired Zagato. The British coachbuilder owned by Vladimir Antonov has gone on a spending spree of late, acquiring Spyker and Land Rover racing specialist Bowler, so the acquisition of the Italian design house would seem ...

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    Rumormill: CPP buys Zagato?

    The UK-based coachbuilder Coventry Prototype Panels (otherwise known as CPP) has been on a buying spree, recently snatching up Bowler and the exotic car arm of Spyker. Now comes word that the company – owned by Vladamir Antonov – has added another automotive company to its growing ...

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    Bowler has big plans with former Land Rover chief engineer at the helm [UPDATE]

    Bowler is not a well-known automaker, and with good reason. Its vehicles, based on Land Rover mechanicals, aren't street legal. They're rally-raid off-road racing machines; Defenders Range Rovers* with an attitude. But Bowler has big plans, ushered in by new ownership and management. The ...

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    Bowler purchased by coachbuilder CPP

    2011 Bowler Nemesis – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Bowler is a company known for taking Land Rovers and turning into machines ready to handle the next jaunt to Dakar. The company responsible for vehicles like the Nemesis has just been purchased by the company responsibly for ...

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    BREAKING: Spyker sells car unit to coachbuilders CPP

    Since it opened for business at the turn of the millennium, Spyker Cars has charted an unusual path. Essentially re-inagurating a brand no one had ever heard of in a country not exactly known for automobile production, the Dutch automaker then set about launching its own F1 team. That venture ...


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