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    BMW loses Clonewars Italian court battle

    Take a close look at the image. A court in Italy has just ruled that the crossover pictured above, the five-seat CEO built by Shuanghuan Automobile of Shijiazhuang, China, is not a clone of the BMW X5. Um... yeah. The legal battles began when Shuanghuan introduced their "Noble" last year, a ...

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    Volvo found guilty of manslaughter, fined

    Two children tragically lost their lives when French driver Catherine Kohtz lost control of her Volvo 850. The 1999 incident, which Kohtz blamed on a loss of braking ability in her Volvo, has led to French courts handing down a finding of manslaughter. The guilty verdict against Volvo also carries ...

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    Daimler blocks debut of Chinese smart clone

    Daimler's not taking the close resemblance of a Chinese minicar to a smart fortwo lightly. The German automaker has gotten a court order forbidding Martin Motors, the European distributor for China's Shuanghuan Automobile, from displaying the Shuanghuan Noble at the upcoming Bologna Auto Show. This ...

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    FIA rejects McLaren appeal, confirms Raikkonen's title

    Kimi Raikkonen and the boys at Ferrari can breathe a sigh of relief, as their championship has been formally confirmed by the FIA. The title was appealed by the incredibly sore losers at McLaren, who insisted that because of a temperature irregularity in the fuel in BMW's and Williams' cars at the ...

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    Court removes wind from automakers' sales in Vermont emissions fight

    General Motors and the former DaimlerChrysler have been handed a disappointment in a Boston district court. At issue was Vermont's adoption of California's carbon dioxide standard, which requires cars and light trucks to reduce their emissions of the greenhouse gas by 30 percent. GM and DCX brought ...

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    Supreme Court calls shotgun! Backs up passengers' rights

    Let's say you're riding in a car with someone who doesn't exactly heed the letter of the law. Or, hypothetically of course, imagine that you, the passenger, are the law-bender. Now, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, if the police stop your driver buddy for dodgy reasons, passengers are allowed the ...

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    Paris sentenced to the pen for violating probation

    We generally try to avoid any coverage of celebrity foul ups, leaving it to the gossip sites to do their worst. This, however, is a story we couldn't pass up.After one drunken driving arrest, two traffic violations and failing to enroll in a mandatory alcohol education program, Paris Hilton has ...

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    Toyota engineers convicted of stealing secrets from Ferrari

    var digg_url = ''; In most countries, acts like murder, treason, or plotting to overthrow the government rank among the most heinous crimes a person can commit. In Italy, stealing secrets from Ferrari ranks ...

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    Eriksson strikes again! Enzo-crasher charged with hit-and-run in a Porsche

    The case file on Stefan Eriksson just keeps growing longer and longer. The failed video-game executive crashed (and completely destroyed) a Ferrari Enzo on February 21. Totaling an Enzo is enough to put him in our bad books, but Eriksson just keeps on digging deeper into trouble. First he was ...

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    Tower Automotive reaches deal with unions

    Just a few months ago, based on its threat to cancel union labor contracts, Tower Automotive appeared on the brink of a work stoppage - an event that would have halted a significant amount of North American vehicle production. Now we can all breath a bit easier, as the bankrupt supplier has reached ...

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    Meanwhile... Delphi blessing white collar workers with bonuses

    Some days we see Delphi's point of view in this whole war of wages, and then there are days like today when we learn that Delphi is planning to pay up to $60 million in performance bonuses to 14,000 white collar workers. Obviously the 33,000 blue collar workers whose wages are on the chopping block ...

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    Delphi and UAW begin showdown in court

    Though the proceedings in which Delphi is arguing for the right to terminate the contracts of over 33,000 workers is scheduled over a three-day period this week (Tuesday, Wednesday and tomorrow), it is much more likely the case will drag on for weeks because of the 34-person long witness list. The ...

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    PSA: Stealing a car to get to your auto theft court date probably not the best plan

    Thomas Minks is either hopelessly compulsive, or a candidate for a World's Stupidest Criminal Award. Last Thursday, Mink was at a crack house when he remembered he needed to appear in court on theft and auto theft charges from stealing a vehicle back in January.Apparently having no other forms of ...


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