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cougar ace

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    Mazda creates disassembly line in wake of Cougar Ace capsizing

    If you've ever smashed up a car in an accident, you've probably had the unpleasant experience of dealing with insurance agents who assess what can be saved and what has to be written off. In most cases, insurance companies might find ways to save as much as they can. But the insurers of the Cougar ...

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    Saviors of the Cougar Ace: Wired's in-depth look into Sea Cowboys

    Nearly two years ago, the Cougar Ace, a 900-ft long ship loaded with more than 4,700 brand-new Mazdas, tipped over while transferring ballast in the North Pacific just south of Alaska. The huge ship took on water, but since there was no breach in the hull it remained afloat. Within days, a salvage ...

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    Mazda scrapping all vehicles aboard capsized Cougar Ace

    Mazda just announced that it has decided to scrap all 4,703 vehicles that were aboard the Cougar Ace cargo vessel when it nearly capsized off the Aleutian Islands in Alaska back in late July. The shipping vessel sat listing to one side for over a month before it was towed to and repaired at a ...

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    Fingers crossed for second Mazda crossover crossing

    With memories of last July's Cougar Ace disaster presumably heavy on their minds, Mazda just shipped out their first batch of new Mazda CX-9 CUVs from Hiroshima to North America. This time the crossing will be aboard the Coral Leader car carrier. It left Hiroshima yesterday for its voyage to ...

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    Cougar Ace Update: No Mazdas aboard will be sold as new vehicles

    Mazda has announced that none of the 4,700+ vehicles aboard the ill-fated cargo ship Cougar Ace will be sold as new vehicles. According to a press release issued by the automaker a short time ago, cars that are damaged beyond repair will be scrapped immediately. Cars that are deemed fixable and ...

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    Cougar Ace: Could some of her Mazdas be saleable?

    The latest news regarding the cargo of Mazdas aboard the now-righted M/V Cougar Ace is that preparations are underway to tow the ship to Portland, Oregon, where it can undergo repairs and there are facilities able to take on its entire load of cars. The cars will be inspected thoroughly to ...

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    Look who's up: Cougar Ace stabilized, almost fully righted

    The Cougar Ace shipping vessel that began listing severely on July 23rd off the coast of Alaska has finally been righted and is safely moored at Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. The Cougar Ace's cargo of 4,700 Mazda vehicles will likely be unsalvageable, as is reporting "most ...

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    Cougar Ace moored in Wide Bay as salvage continues

    Weekend UpdateThe beleagured cargo ship Cougar Ace is now tied up to moorings belonging to the Icicle Seafood Company in Wide Bay, Unalaska Island. Swells caused the salvage team to cease operations earlier in the week, and the decision was made to relocate the Cougar Ace to the moorings in Wide ...

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    Cougar Ace salvage operation turns deadly

    In what can only be described as a tragic turn of events, a naval architect on the salvage team working to stabilize the Mazda-laden cargo ship, Cougar Ace, was killed after he lost his footing and fell on Monday. Seattle area resident Marty Johnson, age 40, had completed a survey of the vessel ...

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    Cargo ship Cougar Ace tips over, 4,700 Mazdas aboard

    The Singapore-flagged cargo vessel Cougar Ace has tipped over off the coast of Alaska. All 23 crewmembers have been rescued. The same cannot be said, however, for the 4,700 Mazdas aboard the ill-fated 654-foot ship.According to Mazda, 60% of the cars aboard are Mazda3s, and 30% are CX-7 SUVs. The ...


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