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corvette ss

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    Corvette "Blue Devil" gets a familiar name: ZR1

    Motor Trend reports that the upcoming Corvette supercar will sport the ZR1 moniker when it's finally unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Interchangeably dubbed "Blue Devil," "SS," and "Z07" by the automotive media until now, the car will feature a supercharged version of the 6.2-liter LS3 ...

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    Aw Snap! Corvette Z07 spied with polycarbonate hood window

    var digg_url = ''; The Corvette Z07/SS/Blue Devil is fast becoming one of the worst kept secrets in Detroit. It's not for GM's lack of trying to keep the lid on it, but rather on account of the zealous nature of ...

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    Spy Shots: More Corvette Z07 pics

    Another batch of pics have surfaced of the new Corvette Z07/SS/Blue Devil/Sting Ray/Grand Sport, this time from Popular Mechanics ace Jim Dunne. The car is virtually unmasked, save a cover on the front fender vents and over the hood. The only real differences we see on the outside are the ten-spoke ...

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    Spy Shots: Corvette SS "Blue Devil" - will it debut in New York?

    That's right, we're still calling the upcoming Corvette SS the "Blue Devil", and it appears from these spy shots that Rick Wagoner feels the same way. Taken by veteran spy photog Jim Dunne for Popular Mechanics, the spyshots include one of the car's rear where a sticker on the bumper is visible. PM ...

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    50th anniversary of the Corvette SS

    If the date March 23, 1957 doesn't mean much to you, you might not be a Corvette guy. For on that date, one of the most advanced and beautiful Corvettes ever made, the legendary SS XP-64, debuted at Sebring. It also happened to be the first time Chevy had employed the "SS" moniker for one of its ...

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    C7 Corvette may produce up to 700 HP

    Motor Authority is reporting that General Motors' VP of Global Product Develpment, Jim Queen, revealed in an interview with Motor Trend that the next-generation C7 Corvette will produce up to 700 naturally-aspirated horsepower in its top trim. We haven't been able to find the interview on Motor ...

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    Was he or wasn't he? TheGMSource reporting shipping company employee NOT jailed (Probably)

    First off, we know for a fact that's a Corvette in those pictures allegedly taken by an EMO TRANS employee. That we know. But Josh Oliver at TheGMSource now says the anonymous employee might or might not have been fired from his EMO job. Maybe. And Oliver says it now looks like the alleged ...

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    Shipping company employee (POSSIBLY) carted off to jail for Corvette SS pics

    var digg_url = ''; We've just learned that EMO TRANS, the shipping company that was hired by General Motors to transport a Corvette SS mule to Germany for testing on the Nurburgring, has ...

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    Dude, that takes STONES: Pics of the Corvette SS / Blue Devil / Whatever...

    UPDATE: Images removed HOLY SCHNIKES! Here are millions of dollars of development and thousands of hours of work laid bare for us to ogle. This Corvette caught by forum member, Chikara83, definitely has some trick bits on it and apparently it's the real deal. There's a liquid/liquid ...


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