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corvette sales

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    Chevy boasts one out of three sports cars sold are Camaro or Corvette

    Over at Chevrolet HQ, the bubbly is flowing like high-octane unleaded. Of all the sports cars sold in the U.S. in 2011, 30 percent were either a Camaro or Corvette. Woo hoo! *POP!* Take that, Ford Mustang! Take that, Dodge Challenger! Take that, um, Hyundai Veloster? and Honda CR-Z? Yeah, ...

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    Report: Corvette sales enjoying modest uptick after years of 'freefall'

    According to Automotive News, General Motors has seen Corvette sales increase slightly after months of decline. The General's sports car saw sales jump by 13 percent in both January and February compared to the same months one year ago. All told, Chevrolet saw 955 Corvette models slip off of ...


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