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corvette boat

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    2,700-hp, $1.7M Corvette-inspired superboat is glorious lunacy

    There is no replacement for displacement, whether you're on the road, in the clouds or bursting across wide open water at 180 mph. That's exactly what you could do if you had a cool $1.7 million laying around and felt like making the 2012 ZR48 MTI your very own. The boat features a pair of ...

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    Strand-Craft's Spectacular Swedish Stingray Speedboat

    Click above for gallery of Strand-Craft's Stingray speedboat The '63 Corvette Stingray split-window coupe may not have been quite as aerodynamic as GM would have us believe, but it does remain one of the most iconic designs of all time. So iconic, in fact, that one shipyard is considering taking ...

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    Corvette boat updated to C6-spec

    Once you've got a Corvette, what's left? Why, a boat, of course! You're not going to want to step out of your C6 into some aluminum row boat with a 5-horsepower Evinrude hung off the back. A 2-stroke buzz can't hold a candle to the barrel-chested rumble of an LS V8. Malibu Boats has introduced its ...


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