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    U.S. R56 MINI Cooper S owners finally get the JCW treatment

    If you're a U.S. citizen hankering for a factory-tuned R56 MINI Cooper S, you're officially in luck. MotoringFile has received the press release on the new JCW tuning package, and according to our friend Gabe, some dealers already have demo vehicles and you might be able to score a ride in one ...

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    IIHS posts results on crashed Cooper, front rating 'good'

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety wrapped up yet another round of merciless destruction analyzed crash test data provided by BMW and came away with an overall 'Good' rating for the 2007 MINI Cooper.The only test conducted so far was the frontal offset crash, which received the 'Good' ...

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    Reader Ride: 2002 MINI Cooper S

    Time for total honesty: if we were to pick up a MINI tomorrow, this is the one we'd have. The combination of dark silver and a black roof is understated enough to be overlooked, but menacing in a way that makes us itch for the twisties. It tells anyone in The Know that you've got taste, and the ...

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    MINI admits the Clubman's "Clubdoor" might turn off buyers

    Click the image above for a gallery of high-res pics.MINI execs have admitted that the design of the suicide-hinged door on the passenger side of the new Clubman may cause consumers both here, and especially abroad, to shy away from the more practical MINI. According to Autocar, the "Clubdoor's" ...

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    MINI's Euro lineup to burn less fuel, run cleaner

    Mini Cooper D. Click image for photo gallery.Come August, the European MINI range will undergo a revamp that results in fuel economy and emissions improvements across the board. The most impressive numbers come from the Cooper D (for diesel), which as you know is unavailable here. We'll use the ...

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    Geneva Preview: MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works Tuning Kit

    click above image to view high-resolution versions of the MINI Cooper S JCW Tuning KitWe reported yesterday that MINI might be developing two John Cooper Works Tuning Kits for the new R56 model. While we don't have confirmation that their will be two kits, news of one kit has been made official. ...

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    MINI set to release "Stage One" JCW model

    We have only one source for trusted insights into the MINI brand, and that's Motoringfile. The chaps who cover the diminutive brand are reporting that MINI's newly acquired John Cooper Works tuning shop will produce two high-performance JCW vehicles based on the new R56 MINI. The website surmises ...

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    Top secret MINI 4x4 in the works: The Colorado

    Early last year, while sitting in the passenger seat of cab on the Las Vegas strip, I caught a brief glimpse of a mutant MINI in the adjacent lane. The 'lil hatch had undergone serious suspension surgery, having been jacked up a few inches and then outfitted with a set of aftermarket wheels, ...

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    New MINI Cooper S production delayed

    There had been some rumblings recently that the Oxford plant, where the new R56 MINI is being produced, may be halting production of the new Cooper S model. Until today, it was just a rumor.However, Motoring File got confirmation that due to a leaky fuel pump found on 3,000 Cooper S', a retooling ...

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    Edmunds' verdict on six sport compacts

    To be a contender in the sport compact category, there are a few things you must bring to the table. There at least three or four that immediately come to mind; small, sporty, inexpensive and relatively practical. They should also clearly stand out from their more pedestrian versions. Our friends ...

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    2007 MINI Cooper S review on Fifth Gear

    The blokes over at Fifth Gear got their hands on the new MINI Cooper S and gave it the thorough once over. Contrary to other reports, Tom Ford maintains that the 'go-cart' handling characteristics that made the last model so popular among drivers are still alive and well.Styling-wise, Ford ...

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    Spy Shots: 2007 MINI Cooper S

    Here's the best look yet at what the MINI Cooper S will be wearing come the 2007 model year. Though the MINI's appearance seems to have hardly changed, what is apparent is that the next model will be longer than the current one. Autobild is guessing that BMW has added an additional 25 centimeters ...

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    MINI goes international with 49-day, 8,000 mile trek

    The idea of a 49-day, 8,000 mile drive  from South Africa to England would seem to suggest something rugged and roomy-- a Land Rover Range Rover, perhaps. But a trio of lightly-modified MINI Cooper S hot hatches have just completed the trek, having ventured through 10 countries (including ...


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