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Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler and the United Auto Workers have extended contract negotiations for an additional four weeks. The talks are bent toward a new wage and benefit pack that will impact around 23,000 workers. Previously, Chrysler and the UAW were operating under a one-week extension that expired on Wednesday, September 21, and the new extension allows the union to focus its effort on talks with Ford.

Back in 2007-08, U.S. automakers and the United Auto Workers union signed landmark labor contracts that included many concessions on behalf of workers to keep the companies they work for competitive. Among them was an agreement to a two-tier wage structure that allowed automakers to start hiring replacements for retirees at a lower starting wage of $14-16/hour.

What's good for the goose may be good for the gander, but what works for one country or automaker doesn't necessarily work for another. So while the Canadian Auto Workers union may have approved a new agreement with Ford, below the 49th parallel their compatriots apparently feel otherwise.

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