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    Australian develops new continuously variable transmission

    A variety of continuously variable transmissions types are already on the market, including the well-known variable pulley-and-belt type used by companies like Honda, Suzuki and Subaru. Australian Steve Durnin thinks he has a better idea, however. He's developed a CVT featuring no belts or ...

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    REPORT: Subaru considering using more CVTs

    2010 Subaru Legacy - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The 2010 Legacy will be the most fuel efficient Subaru in the Japanese automaker's US lineup, but only when it's powered by the 2.5i boxer engine mated to a CVT transmission. According to the EPA, that powertrain returns 31 mpg on the ...

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    New CVT coming from Nissan and JATCO with auxiliary gearbox

    Nissan and JATCO have just announced a new continuously variable transmission that features a wider ratio spread than any previous example of the type. The maximum spread from low to high in the past has been 6:1 but Nissan/JATCO have expanded that range to 7.3:1 facilitating better fuel ...

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    Mitsubishi to offer CVT for first time in U.S.

    The next Mitsubishi Lancer will be the first vehicle from the company to be offered with a continuously variable transmission when it goes on sale next March. The CVT will be paired with a 2.4L version of the World Engine that Mitsubishi helped develop in conjunction with Hyundai and Daimler ...


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