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continuously variable transmission

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    Report: Audi to abandon CVTs?

    The continuously variable transmission is one of those technologies that seems to make a lot of sense on paper, but in reality, almost always numbs the driving experience. That's one reason why Audi, according to reports, is planning to phase them out. One of the first automakers to implement ...

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    Report: Nissan alters all CVTs to act less like a stretched rubberband

    Among automotive enthusiasts, no one seems to hold a neutral opinion when it comes to continuously variable transmissions. CVTs are either praised for their ability to boost fuel economy or chided for their occasionally poor driving dynamics. Nissan is among the masters of these un-shifting ...

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    Report: Nissan leaning on JATCO to remedy CVT problems

    Nissan's decision to fit continuously variable transmissions across even more of its new models may be coming back to bite the Japanese automaker, as it's been hampered by customer satisfaction issues relating to its XTronic CVTs, which are provided by a supplier called JATCO. From what we're ...

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    Official: Honda invests $470 million for new transmission plant in Mexico

    Honda has announced that it has made an initial investment of $470 million to build a brand new transmission plant in Celaya, Mexico. For those keeping track, this is the same city that will also house Honda's new automobile manufacturing facility, which will begin production of the Fit compact ...

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    Report: 2014 Chevy Spark ditching four-speed automatic for CVT

    According to Green Car Reports, a few minor changes are on deck for the littlest Chevrolet. Christi Landy, Chevy's small car marketing director, confirmed to GCR that the 2014 model year Spark will lose its four-speed automatic transmission in favor of a continuously variable unit. The new CVT ...

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    Report: Hyundai says dual-clutch gearboxes fit brand's character better than CVTs

    Hyundai officials are not afraid to make their views known on prevailing technologies, standing by their choices and criticizing the alternatives. Previously, the Korean automaker's fuel cell boss told reporters that EV makers "jumped the gun." Now comes word that Hyundai is sticking by ...

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    Report: Toyota planning 2.0T, more CVTs among other powertrain developments

    Aside from its hybrid technology, Toyota has fallen behind the competition in terms of vehicle powertrains which could leave popular cars like the Toyota Camry and Toyota RAV4 lagging behind the competition. While most of its rivals have started using gasoline direct injection, turbochargers and ...

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    Report: CVTs expected to more than double in popularity

    Belts and pulleys will continue to replace traditional gears in the coming years as more carmakers turn to Continuously Variable Transmissions to suck the fun out of future machines increase fuel economy. According to a new Automotive News report, by the numbers, about one percent of new ...

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    Featured: Nissan shows us its new and improved Continuously Variable Transmission

    Finally, A CVT That Doesn't Suck Continuously variable transmissions have been the bane of our enthusiast existence since... well... forever. An endless, droning tone coupled with the dreaded "rubber band" effect has relegated the gearboxes to rolling appliances and miserable fuel misers – ...

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    Report: GM considering CVTs for small cars

    2010 Chevrolet Spark – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors is considering the introduction of continuously variable transmissions in its next round of small cars in an effort to improve fuel efficiency. According to a report from Automotive News, the Chevrolet Cruze is ...

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    Australian develops new continuously variable transmission

    A variety of continuously variable transmissions types are already on the market, including the well-known variable pulley-and-belt type used by companies like Honda, Suzuki and Subaru. Australian Steve Durnin thinks he has a better idea, however. He's developed a CVT featuring no belts or ...

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    REPORT: Subaru considering using more CVTs

    2010 Subaru Legacy - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The 2010 Legacy will be the most fuel efficient Subaru in the Japanese automaker's US lineup, but only when it's powered by the 2.5i boxer engine mated to a CVT transmission. According to the EPA, that powertrain returns 31 mpg on the ...

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    New CVT coming from Nissan and JATCO with auxiliary gearbox

    Nissan and JATCO have just announced a new continuously variable transmission that features a wider ratio spread than any previous example of the type. The maximum spread from low to high in the past has been 6:1 but Nissan/JATCO have expanded that range to 7.3:1 facilitating better fuel ...

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    Mitsubishi to offer CVT for first time in U.S.

    The next Mitsubishi Lancer will be the first vehicle from the company to be offered with a continuously variable transmission when it goes on sale next March. The CVT will be paired with a 2.4L version of the World Engine that Mitsubishi helped develop in conjunction with Hyundai and Daimler ...


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