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    $100K for a Tiger Woods-used Enclave? Seriously?

    Click image for a gallery of the Enclave used by Tiger WoodsIn January, EA Sports held an online contest for Tiger Woods 08 players on the XBOX 360. First prize was a 2008 Buick Enclave CXL courtesy car used by Tiger during December's 2007 Target World Challenge golf tournament. Tiger won the ...

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    Autocar pits GT2 against Z06 in a drag competition

    What do you do with a Porsche GT2, a Corvette Z06, and an abandoned aircraft runway? That's obvious: you line both cars up, nail the throttle and crown the victor. Thankfully, that's exactly what the chaps at Autocar did when they pitted the new GT2 against the Z06 on a long piece of ...

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    Online voters name upcoming Alfa hatch "Furiosa"

    Furiosa. That's what the new hatchback from Alfa Romeo will be called, by virtue of an international competition to choose the car's name.The Italian automaker is getting farther away from the Alfa-numeric (pun intended) nomenclature and giving its models more emotive nameplates instead. The web ...

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    Volvo doubles award money for Hometown Heroes

    Volvo has one of the coolest contests going right now: the Volvo for Life campaign. The grand prize winner gets a brand new, Swedish-built, rolling tribute to safety every three years for the rest of his or her life. In our book, the coolest part of the contest is how one actually wins the prize. ...

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    Day 10: Enter the Autoblog Relaunch Celebration Sweepstakes featuring the All-New 2007 Dodge Nitro

    click image above to enter to win an all-new 2007 Dodge Nitro R/TThe initial elation I felt over finally getting the new site design launched and seeing this sweepstakes begin has subsided, probably as a result of writing this post every day. But yesterday it hit me again that we're actually giving ...

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    Win an iPod Video and Harman Kardon Drive + Play kit from Autoblog Latino

    Autoblog's all about giving away iPods, and our sister site, Autoblog Latino, wants to get in on the fun. For today only, you can win a black 30GB iPod Video and Harman Kardon Drive + Play kit from Autoblog Latino by visiting this post and leaving a comment. Don't you love how simple sweepstakes ...

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    Chrysler now using numerology to move Sebrings: get your Bundle of Joy ready

    Carmakers pay their ad agencies a great deal of money to come up with concepts that will bring buyers to the brand. We hope they kept the receipt for this one. But for those of you who want to win a new Sebring, and we know you are out there, here is what you have to do: 1. Be at least 18 years ...

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    Autoblog Latino giving away free stuff!

    The easiest way to get people to your blog is to give stuff away for free. It's a trick we learned here at Autoblog long ago, and it's something we love to do. Supplying your readers with free stuff is a small price to pay for exposure, and so our new sister site, Autoblog Latino, has launched its ...

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    Scion is searching for The Prospect -- is it you?

    Scion has the kind of fan base and lifestyle integration that a lot of other automakers are still trying to figure out how to create (Ford Edge clothing, anyone?). Scion appears to have a lock on who their fans are and what they want, and then constantly works on new ways to give it to them. Now ...

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    Dodge launches two new contests to win cars

    We'll be honest, we'd be much more inclined to drive a brand new vehicle if it were free, which is why we always give these little games and contests at least one shot. Dodge announced two new contests today, the grand prizes of which are a Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Avenger sedan. The first is ...

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    Volvo embarking on new treasure hunt adventure

    map from last year's treasure huntJust like it did last year, Volvo appears to be launching another treasure hunt wherein one lucky buccaneer will escape with the ultimate automotive treasure - a new car! The online clue board is located here, and with a new installment of the Pirates of the ...

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    Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #4: UPDATE

    Heading into the weekend and all the festivities surrounding the Detroit Auto Show means we won't have another chance to remind everyone to enter the Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #4. The prize at stake in our final celebration of the new Autoblog Podcast is an 80GB iPod Video valued at ...

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    Galleries of the 2007 Peugeot Design Contest entries

    Every year Peugeot holds a design challenge inviting the best and brightest automotive artists to conjure a vehicle for the future. This year's theme is "P.L.E.A.S.E. Innovate", which corresponds to six features the winning entry should exhibit: Pleasurable (to drive), Lively, Efficient, ...

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    The Autoblog After Christmas Sweepstakes

    UPDATE: The first drawing has completed. Click here to enter the second drawing for a complete set of Automoblox toy cars. Christmas has come and gone, and after a long journey Santa's herd of Porsche Caymans is now parked back in the jolly fat man's climate controlled garage. If you're like us, ...

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    Redesign Our Business Cards Contest - Update 2

    We couldn't be more surprised and impressed at the response we've gotten to the Autoblog Redesign Our Business Cards Contest. About 38 people have entered the contest so far, but even more amazing is that we have over 100 submissions! It seems that a pair of Pioneer AVIC-D2 satellite navigation ...

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    Redesign Our Business Cards Contest - Update 1

    After two days, we have received submissions from 24 readers for the Redesign Our Business Cards Contest, with many submitting multiple entries already. Some people are using the two Pioneer AVIC-D2 satellite navigation systems we've put up as prizes for motivation, but many of you have also told ...

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    Tea Time: Lamborghini Gallardo as ultimate centerpiece

    Thanksgiving with the fam would be so much more bearable if Grandma were forced to pass the gravy around the front fender of a Lamborghini Gallardo. This odd display is set up outside the William Ashley store in downtown Toronto to promote a contest for a 20-piece set of fine china. The Gallardo ...

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    Chevy taps student body for Super Bowl ad

    Why hire an intern when you can get students to work for free? Chevrolet recently announced a contest wherein its ads for Super Bowl XLI will be created through a competition amongst teams of college students. All US college students can participate in The Chevy Super Bowl College Ad Challenge. ...

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    Wanna win Alan Jackson's Ford GT?

    Not a big fan of country, but I have been known to slap some praise on the hood of the Ford GT. Country singer Alan Jackson also likes the Ford GT, enough so that he used his own personal GT in the video for his song Talkin' Song Repair Blues. That same car is now being raffled off with all ...


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