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    Video: Need a backhoe put in a dumptruck? Call this person right here...

    We post a lot of videos showcasing things gone wrong, like crane fails, car-chase fails, and car-race fails. They're as addictive as the proverbial... well, you know. But when someone behind the wheel gets it right, that can be just as awesome. That's why whoever is behind the two wheels of this ...

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    Video: Heavy equipment playground officially makes Las Vegas the most fun place on earth

    There are driving and flying experiences for all kinds of wheeled and winged machines, but what's been missing? Obviously, a place to play with heavy machinery to relive the sandbox fantasies of one's youth. Leave it to Las Vegas to fill the void with Dig This, a giant dirt pit where anyone at ...

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    Disposable traffic cones, an idea whose time has come? [w/video]

    Guy Griffith's disposable traffic cones – Click above to watch video after the jump
    You don't really think about traffic cones very often, unless they are forcing you into a detour or stuck in your wheel well because you missed that last apex. Though we may not think of them, they're all ...

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    UK road workers lift parked cars, paint lines underneath them, then give warnings

    If you've ever felt like the meter maid is out to get you, you're not alone. You may not be paranoid, either. According to a report in the UK's Daily Mail, a Manchester work crew recently found their efforts hindered by a number of cars parked along a side street. Rather than simply wait and close ...

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    New Volvo has 13-liter engine, 500 horsepower

    Volvo FMX – Click above for high-res image gallery
    No, we didn't miss a decimal point. Volvo (well, Volvo Trucks, to be more precise) has just pulled one very big sheet off of a new heavy-duty construction truck called the FMX. The leviathan bears a host of features designed to help it ...

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    VIDEO: Behold! D.C. saves motorists with 'The Pothole Killer'

    The Pothole Killer: Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Potholes suck. Every spring, northern towns see the snow melt, only to find destroyed streets in wake of Old Man Winter, and southern towns with heavy trucking routes aren't exactly exempt from the phenomena, either. Chuckholes ...

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    Ford to market F-150 as a work truck

    The reality of $4 per gallon gasoline coupled with a major slowdown in construction work has conspired to put the US truck market in a world of hurt. Ford has already postponed the launch of the all-new F-150 by two months, and when the truck goes on sale, the Blue Oval will be focusing its ...

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    California highway shut down due to road rage. Seriously.

    California's Highway 138 was such a dangerous stretch of road that local authorities had taken to calling it "Blood Alley." To improve safety conditions and make the highway better overall for everyone traversing it, the government approved a $44 million road-widening project. Now, as you all know, ...

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    Honda building spree reveals plans for global growth

    So Acura won't be making it to Japan just yet, and the new NSX has been delayed until at least 2010, but parent company Honda is not slowing down for anything. Company President Takeo Fukui is determined not to let Honda get left behind in the battle for global automotive supremacy. In the name ...

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    Toyota unveils long bed versions of 2007 Tundra

    click on image to enlargeToday Toyota unveiled long bed versions of its 2007 Tundra pickup. Think of these as the stripper trucks you see hauling bags of cement on construction sites. They're the backbone of many hard labor industries, and represent a huge piece of the half-ton pickup sales pie in ...

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    HMUV military-grade 4x4 being developed by JCB

    You might remember JCB as the construction equipment manufacturer attempting to set the diesel land speed world with its oil-burning Dieselmax H1, which just happened to make its first run last weekend. Its other project is this Hummer-dwarfing off-roader called the HMUV, for High Mobility Utility ...

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    Toyota's next step towards world domination - home construction

    Toyota has been described as some as being a great manufacturing company that just happens to build cars. The company is taking that to heart as it applies its famed mass-production techniques to the housing market.
    Selling for around a quarter-million bucks, the ...


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