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congestion charge

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    Report: Shanghai mulling congestion charges to combat pollution

    With notoriously bad traffic and pollution, Shanghai may institute a congestion charge, similar to what's been seen in London and Singapore (and considered in San Francisco). The gist of congestion charging is that drivers are charged a small amount for entering a certain part of the city - in ...

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    Report: London motorists owe about $270M in congestion charges

    Drivers in the UK owe a staggering $270 million in congestion charge fees, according to Transport for London. Surprisingly enough, that figure comes even as the number of those attempting to avoid paying the fines has declined. In 2010, 52,103 drivers skipped out on paying, while that figure ...

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    Report: London Mayor Boris Johnson hits Obama's motorcade with congestion charge

    Rules are rules, and they apply equally to everyone – including the President of the United States. Especially when he's on foreign soil. After President Barack Obama's famous Cadillac limousine – known as The Beast – got stuck exiting the US embassy in Dublin, it was shipped ...

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    Keeping Drivers at Bay: San Francisco mulls congestion charge

    Boris Johnson for Mayor of... San Francisco? Our favorite municipal chief executive may be taking his time in dismantling the congestion charge in London, but his services may soon be needed in the City by the Bay, as local bureaucrats there contemplate instituting a new charge for motorists ...

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    London to consider scrapping congestion charge for economy's sake

    London Mayor Boris Johnson is considering scrapping the city's oft-maligned Congestion Charge. The pay-to-drive strategy was instituted back in 2003 as a way of reducing traffic in the busy British capital, but it has met with fierce opposition from motorists and some politicians. Shortly after ...

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    Porsche claims victory in London congestion charge case

    London motorists can rejoice after a planned £25 daily congestion charge was lifted by a signature of consent order by an administrative court in London. Porsche was a major voice against the charge, and the German automaker went full-tilt in the courts to throw out former mayor Ken ...

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    London Mayor: "No More Congestion Charges"

    Motorists in London had high hopes when they elected Boris Johnson as their mayor. The former Conservative party leader is a well-known gearhead, and even moonlights as an automotive journalist. And those hopes may just yet be vindicated, as Mayor Johnson begins rolling back the Congestion Charges ...

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    NYC congestion charge gets blocked by state

    Manhattan's latest attempt at disguised taxation has ground to a halt in the most trivial fashion. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed congestion charge for cars and trucks headed into the city below 60th street was summarily ignored by lawmakers. Rather than a contentious fight in the state ...

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    Congestion charge could make it to New York this spring

    Everyone knows it's going to be done, no one knows yet how: the "congestion charge" is coming to Manhattan. Mike Bloomberg finally won the capitulation of the plan's most ardent foe, State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and with him out of the way, there doesn't appear to be any other ...

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    Mayor Mike readies $8 congestion fee for NYC drivers

    New York's mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is ready to steal a page from his London counterpart's handbook and announce plans to hit drivers who bring their cars into Manhattan below 86th street with an $8 congestion charge in a bid to ease gridlock in the city's crowded midtown business district. The fee ...

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    A $2m parking ticket? US Embassy v London congestion charge

    Some of you may recall a couple of years ago when London instituted its congestion charge to help ease traffic and parking concerns in the city. Many people balked, but the £8 a day ($16) fee has indeed reduced congestion and raised revenue. Not everybody is pleased about paying the fee, but ...


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