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30GM will no longer hold monthly sales calls with journalists, analysts

Following its controversial decision earlier this year to stop publishing monthly production numbers, General Motors has now announced that it will join the ranks of Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia and others in not holding a monthly conference call to discuss sales with the automotive media.

AddEner sells batteries to major Euro auto maker and Tier 1 OEM

There may be a lot of people wearing frowns in corporate America today but we are happy to report such is not the case over at lithium ion battery maker, Ener1. Their 3rd quarter conference call seemed to have only two kinds of news; good and gooder more good. Example? They have doubled the revenue and halved the losses of the same period a year ago. More? The Th!nk program is progressing nicely and they expect the first cars with their packs to ship some time in the first quarter. While their a

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