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    Video: Watch this hapless Porsche 911 get extracted from wet cement

    Yes, that is a Porsche 911. Yes, that is fresh concrete. No, this is not some uber-powerful aftermarket-tuned car that just liquified the San Francisco pavement underneath – the Porsche was driven into this predicament. Now before we start passing judgment on this poor soul, a driver who ...

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    College student invents cost-effective self-healing concrete?

    As anyone who's ever driven through Detroit can tell you, concrete doesn't fix itself. Or at least it doesn't right now. Thanks to research from a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island, that may change in the near future. Michelle Pelletier found that mixing a microencapsulated ...

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    VIDEO: European drivers vs. concrete pillar

    More widely used in Europe than in America, retractable concrete-reinforced pillars, placed underneath the road, do a much better job than wooden toll arms or even tire-snagging spikes at stopping traffic from getting into restricted areas. As this video demonstrates however, some of the ...


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