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    Let's Make a Deal: Chrysler, Canadian Auto Workers agree on union concessions

    The April 30th deadline to reorganize looms larger by the second, and Chrysler is scrambling to make deals that could theoretically help it stave off a bankruptcy filing next week. For that to happen. Chrysler needs to get concessions from labor unions and lenders that make the financial situation ...

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    Chrysler brass sends letter asking CAW workers for concessions. Workers burn it.

    It boils down to this: In 12 days, Chrysler's fate is likely to be sealed, one way or another. Both the United States and Canadian federal governments have told the automaker that in order to get continued funding, it must restructure dramatically. After consulting with his task force on the auto ...

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    GM/UAW concession talks commence

    To ensure long-term viability, General Motors has pledged an arm and a leg (and maybe an eye) to satisfy conditions imposed by the federal government after the automaker received billions in taxpayer-funded loans. In addition to reducing debt and condensing the number and type of vehicles it ...

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    Canadian union calls Chrysler's actions "stupid"

    Buzz Hargrove isn't mincing words about his opinion of Chrysler LLC's strategy. Calling the decision to send the Magnum and Pacifica models out to pasture and cut shifts and jobs at the Brampton, Ontario plant "stupid," Hargrove has said the Canadian Auto Workers aren't interested in the type of ...

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    U of M Economics professor tackles tough question of UAW wages

    UPDATE: Link to source finally added. Our bad. var digg_url = ''; A tip sent us to the blog of Dr. Mark J. Perry, professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan, who points ...

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    JP Morgan upgrades Ford, GM to "overweight"

    After a very rough June where both GM and Ford had terrible overall sales vs. the same month in 2006, one would expect investment firms to further downgrade their stock forecast. As it turns out, firms like JP Morgan aren't that interested in sales numbers after all, as the investmant stallwart ...

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    Canadian Auto Workers singing different tune: Accept concessions from Chrysler

    It's amazing how quickly one's view of things can shift when facing an uncertain future. Such is the case for members of the Canadian Auto Workers union at the Chrysler Group's Brampton, Ontario plant. The union there has "overwhelmingly" voted to accept pay cuts and the outsourcing of some ...

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    UAW blinks first: Reconsidering health concessions for Chrysler

    Chrysler no doubt felt a little burned by the United Auto Workers Union after being told it would receive no concessions for health care like the ones offered to both General Motors and Ford. At the time, the UAW cited the Chrysler Group's better financial health as the reason for the snubbing, but ...

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    Chrysler gets no sympathy from UAW on health care costs

    UAW President Ron Gettelfinger is apparently done being pushed around by the domestic auto industry. Despite having given landmark cost-saving concessions on health care to both General Motors and Ford, Gettelfinger indicated to Reuters the same offer would not be extended to The Chrysler Group. ...


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