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    The Eminem Show: Slim Shady and Jimmy Kimmel flying 200 autoworkers to Hollywood

    Slim Shady plays an assembly line worker in 8 Mile
    Sure, thousands of auto workers may be losing their jobs, but don't think they've got nowhere to go. Following similar overtures made by Jay Leno and Michigan restauranteur A.J. O'Neil, Slim Shady will be putting on a free concert for Detroit's ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Fergie's lovely lady H2

    Looks like all those Live Earth concerts a few months back had an effect on at least one person. Fergie, one of the featured acts, has decided that her copper green Hummer is not green enough, and is parting with it on eBay. All proceeds from the sale will go to Global Green USA, which is fighting ...


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