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    Teased: Renault teases new Ross Lovegrove-influenced concept car

    Renault has teamed up with British designer Ross Lovegrove to create a new concept car that hints at the future styling direction for the French automaker. The yet-to-be-named car will be unveiled at the Triennale of Milan on April 8, and it will be on display unit the 14th. Although the ...

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    Nissan teases Paris-bound Townpod EV concept

    As the Paris Motor Show draws closer, automakers are sending out the usual raft of teaser shots. The pictures never reveal much but they definitely get people talking. The image you see above? It's a glimpse at the zero-emissions, electric concept vehicle called the Nissan Townpod EV. Nissan has ...

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    Melbourne 2009: Toyota HC-CV (Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle)

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of Toyota Australia's FC-CV
    Next year, Toyota Australia will begin local production of the Camry Hybrid. To celebrate this (and drum up some PR), Toyota Style Australia has created the HC-CV (Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle) for the 2009 Melbourne Motor Show. What is ...

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    Lotus develops Concept Ice Vehicle for Antarctic expedition

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Lotus Concept Ice VehicleWe can forget all about the price of gas when we get news like this. Sure, we'll probably never ride in the Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV), but just knowing that folks at Lotus are working on things like this while we sleep... well, it's ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford Airstream Concept

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery of 22 pics!WHOA, This thing conjures up images of caffeine and nicotine fueled road trips, the KTel 8-track banging away with the requesite matchbook jammed in there to keep it operating smoothly. The nose says Econoline quite clearly, while the ...

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    Kia reveals Kue concept ahead of Detroit

    Kia released a sketch today of the Kue concept that will be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in early January. In the great tradition of concept vehicles that come before it, the Kue supposedly foretells what future Kia vehicles will look like. Showing that the Kue is not so ...


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