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    Asus rolls out Lamborghini wireless mouse

    If you watched Conan O'Brien in his final days on NBC, you may have seen the Bugatti Veyron Mouse. Now feast your eyes on the Asus Lamborghini mouse. A product of the same collaboration that has already turned out a series of laptop computers and external hard drives, the Asus WX Lamborghini ...

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    Porsche Designs sleek aluminum hard drives for LaCie

    Porsche is known for some of the sleekest driving machines on the market. LaCie, meanwhile, makes some of the slickest hard drives. Where they intersect is the latest range of external storage devices, penned by Porsche Design for LaCie. Collaboration between the two companies dates back to ...

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    Chevrolet Camaro CPU Edition zooms onto desktops

    Camaro PC – Click above for image gallery
    Although it might not qualify as "revolutionary," we can certainly describe it as "eye candy meets robust technology." That's what you get here in the guise of a 20-inch-long Camaro model turned into a personal computer. A hood ornament serves as ...

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    Tonino Lamborghini does his own branded laptop

    Tonino Lamborghini CULV laptop – Click above for image gallery
    Take a particular slant on supercar history and you'd be forgiven for categorizing Lamborghini as another pretender to Ferrari's throne. Enzo was, after all, the spiteful impetus for Ferruccio's branching out from tractors to ...

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    Volvo unveils touchscreen rear entertainment with 500GB and WiFi

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    Microsoft teams up with automakers for Windows 7 theme packs

    Infiniti Essence concept wallpapers for Windows 7 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Microsoft has been in the car business for years, supplying specialized infotainment systems to automakers like Ford and Fiat. But the door swings both ways as a handful of automakers have released ...

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    Toy Ferrari turned into exotic computing device

    Ferrari F430 PC: Click above to view gallery
    For Autoblog readers, cars and computers converge on a daily basis, but never like this. At Computex, creative PC packaging company Kimpro displayed an Intel Atom-based netbook (for the tech-challenged, that's an inexpensive laptop) that hides within ...

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    Graphics accelerator: Nvidia's custom computer housed in a Porsche Cayenne wheel

    click above image for more pics Automotive-branded computers are nothing new, but this takes it to new levels. The computer hardware is housed in a chromed 18-inch wheel from the Porsche Cayenne sport-utility, wrapped in Bridgestone rubber with twin exhaust-silencers housing the liquid cooling ...

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    Virtual Wheel-ality: Porsche 911 Turbo S game controller

    In a perfect world, everyone who wanted a car like the Porsche 911 Turbo S would get one. In the real world, sadly, not everyone can afford the six-figure price of admission. Fortunately there's virtual reality in between, where enthusiasts can toy with cars like the Turbo S in video games. To ...

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    Kubica's Kanadian Krash -- Now in 3-D

    Spectators, commentators and fans all feared the worst when BMW Sauber's star driver Robert Kubica hit the wall at the end of the hairpin at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on St. Helen's Island in Montreal during this year's Canadian Grand Prix. But as we all know, the Polish driver suffered only a ...

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    States looking to crack down on in-vehicle electronics

    Cell phone usage has proven to be very distracting for drivers, and several states have banned the use of the hand-held devices for drivers. Now lawmakers in a dozen states are taking a broader approach to what electronic devices should be banned. Although there is little in the way of concrete ...

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    BMW gets in on the laptop action with Acer

    Bandwagons are for jumping on, and this one's carrying laptop computers branded by automakers. Ferrari's was among the first, then Lamborghini jumped on board, and more recently we've seen Koenigsegg and Maybach follow suit. Not to be left out, reports are surfacing that BMW has teamed up with ...

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    Newest Ferrari laptop from Acer

    Acer has announced its newest Ferrari-themed notebooks, the 5000 and ultra-portable 1000 series. Powered by the latest AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile chip running at 2.0GHz, and encased in carbon-fiber, the 64-Bit Ferrari 5000 promises a performance edge over the other supercar-logo'd ...

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    Lamborghini-badged VX1 laptop to be unveiled in Monterey

    No, it's not a new high-powered supercar, but the Asus Lamborghini-VX1 will still turn some, albeit geeky, heads. Scheduled to debut in Monterey, California at the 2006 Concorso Italiano "Celebration of Italian Style," on August 18th, the laptop produced by Asus Computer International is borrowing ...


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