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38Automation will let you build the car of your dreams... virtually

Everyone reading this right now has, at one time or another, felt they could do a better job designing a car than the folks in charge. You would pick up a different engine, powertrain layout, body style or even come up with a better name than any executive. Well, Camshaft Software plans to let you prove it... virtually.

25VIDEO: Codemasters' FUEL features 5,000+ square miles of drivable terrain

Codemasters Fuel – Click above to watch the video

3Drive it like you stole it - Imaginary winter drifting in an AMG Mercedes

Whew! We just got back from beating the hell out of an AMG CL 63. Lurid powerslides defined our drifting technique as we slid the big-power Merc hither and yon, earning points as we went. We surely mangled some shrubbery and even smacked the tail of this beastie off a few hard objects. No matter - unfortunately for us, it was all a game - AMG Wintersporting Drift Competition. It's the latest way to amuse yourself at the 9 to 5 using your company's network bandwidth, all while you pretend to focu

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