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74Cadillac to fight Audi A3, Mercedes CLA with small rear-drive sedan?

Compact luxury sedans are fast becoming the trend among upscale automakers. Mercedes has the new CLA (and its many platform-mates), BMW has the 1 Series and 2 Series, Audi has the A3 and, though Lexus apparently isn't interested in anything smaller than its CT 200h, Infiniti is getting in on the action with a compact model of its own. It would only follow logically, then, that Cadillac should launch a competitor, and according to the latest reports, that's just what it has in store.

23Let Nissan teach you how to shoot your car

Anyone can take a picture of his car. But is it a good picture? Probably not.

762013 Buick Encore snags 25 mpg city, 33 mpg highway EPA ratings

General Motors has announced that its all-new 2013 Buick Encore subcompact crossover achieves 25 miles per gallon in city driving and 33 mpg on the highway (28 mpg combined) in front-wheel drive spec.

AddNew Rules: Dodge Set For Dart Debut During All-Star Game

The all-new compact car faces a tough road ahead

Tonight, during the Major League All-Star Game, Chrysler Group LLC will once again try to capture the nation's imagination with a 90-second spot debuting the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart.

18Mazda says CX-5 is the first to use all Skyactiv features

Mazda is pitching its CX-5 compact crossover as its first model to use all of its Skyactiv fuel-saving technologies, including fuel-saving improvements to its engine, transmission, body and chassis (details on all that here).

13Interest in Toyota, GM compacts, hybrids jumps in January

Toyota and General Motors were among automakers whose compact cars and hybrids received a jump in shopper interest last month as gas prices approached $3.40 a gallon, according to the New Car Insights Report on AutoTrader.com.

1China's Chery, Magna developing 3 compacts for Europe

Joint venture Chery Quantum Auto – owned by China's Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation – will reportedly export three compact vehicles to Europe in 2012. Austrian supplier Magna Steyr will be tasked with developing the vehicles, according to Financial Times Deutschland.

16Gas prices not scaring car buyers as much this time around

With gasoline prices soaring this year, one might assume, justifiably, that hybrid and fuel-efficient small vehicle demand must also be on the rise, mimicking the market situation in 2008. However, history may not be repeating itself this time around. AutoPacific President George Peterson says, based on a study by the consulting group, that "small car and hybrid consideration is not tracking anywhere near the rate of the price of fuel as it did in 2008." Of the 68,000 people surveyed, only 21 pe

AddStory of a Decade: compact cars gain weight, become more fuel efficient

Over the last decade, compact cars have ballooned in size. How much? On average, compact cars sold in the U.S. are 549 pounds heavier and sit on a wheelbase that's 6.4 inches longer than those sold here ten years ago, according to analysis by Edmunds.com. With that added weight comes the need for more power and today's compacts pack an average of 64 more tire-spinning horses than those built a decade ago. Edmunds' AutoObserver senior editor, Bill Visnic, explained the reasons for the inflated co

67First Drive: 2011 Mazda2 puts fun before frugality

2011 Mazda2 – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddUpscale small cars face hard times against hybrid rivals

2010 Volkswagen Golf – Click above for high-res image gallery

19Mitsubishi sketches out Concept-cX-influenced compact crossover for 2010

Mitsubishi Compact Crossover - Click above for high-res image

12VIDEO: Citro├źn using cool interactive "augmented reality" tech to pitch new DS3

Citroën DS3 in augmented reality -- Click above to watch video

AddRenault releases ECO2 version of the Renault Kangoo

A panel van able to carry an euro-sized pallet a distance of 100 kilometers while burning less than 5 liters of diesel has arrived: the Renault Kangoo Rapid ECO2. The model, the larger sibling of the Kangoo Express Compact (the model that the all-electric Z.E. is based on), received the standard "green label" treatment that many other models go through in Europe: low-rolling resistance tires, aerodynamic improvements and low-friction engine oil. All this works together to create a van that is ab

46Ford Fiesta winning hearts and minds - and wallets - in Europe

2009 Ford Fiesta - Click above for a high-res gallery

34Toyota working on Yaris-sized 7-Seater?

If you've been distressed by not being able to buy a clown car at any local lot, Toyota has news for you: the company is working on a Yaris-sized seven-seater. That is odd enough to make us ask "What?" and "Why?" in several languages. Even better, though, is when Toyota engineer Hiroki Nakajima says "We can do it, and give limo-like legroom in the back." We aren't sure what Nakajima-san's idea of a limo is, but the current five-searter Yaris doesn't have limo-like room for the people in the fron

23Lincoln mulling compact sedan to slot in below MKZ

Automotive News sat down with Derrick Kuzak, Lincoln's product development chief, to discuss what lies ahead for Ford's erstwhile luxury marque, and Kuzak was quoted as saying, "We do think that there is room for a smaller car in the Lincoln brand," but he was unable to provide any hard details on what – if anything – is planned.

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