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    ETC: I'm Stuck app informs your elected officials when you're in traffic

    Traffic, as we've established, is one of the worst things about driving. Too many motorists on too few roads is enough to ruin one's day, not to mention the impact vehicle congestion has on the environment. Now, though, an app called I'm Stuck can share the misery that comes with being lodged on ...

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    Report: Honda begins Micro Commuter testing

    Autocar is reporting that Honda is about to start testing prototypes of its Micro Commuter, a petite EV that'll do adorable battle with the Renault Twizy if it reaches production. Honda first showed the Micro Commuter, a so called super-urban vehicle, in November. Like the Renault, it features a ...

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    Battle of the Commuters: EVs take on gasoline and the rails

    What is the best tool for commuting: a Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius, Ford Focus or a commuter train? The team at decided to put all five to the test in a recent comparison. Starting out at the Chicago headquarters, the team embarked on a 64.5-mile loop to see what ...

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    Infographic: America's best and worst commutes

    America's Best and Worst Commutes – Click above for full-size
    The minds from TheStreet and Bundle have gotten together to put an eyeball on the best and worst commutes in America, and they found that the average American worker blows around $6,000 per year on transportation costs alone. In ...

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    AAA lists top picks for commuters

    Click above for high-res gallery of AAA's Top Commuter Car Picks
    The American Automobile Association of America (AAA) has revealed its top picks in commuter vehicles, with an eyebrow-raising potluck of conveyances from which to choose. Judged on "practicality, safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and ...

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    BMW gets back into the leaning trike thing with SIMPLE concept [w/VIDEO]

    BMW SIMPLE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has been rumored as of late to be pursuing everything from a so-called "0 Series" range of cars to a revival of its Isetta microcar brand, but the Bavarian automaker remains essentially mum on plans to diversify into the ...

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    Forbes identifies the commutes that kill

    Ever feel like one more day of commuting will kill you? You might be right, especially if you live in Riverside, California. Or Atlanta. Or Los Angeles. Those are the top three cities on Forbes' list of the 25 with the most unhealthy commutes. The combination of dangerous drivers, the stress of ...

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    Payback Time! Commuter to take revenge on Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

    The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge, completed in 1961, spans the Potomac River, connecting Alexandria, VA with Prince George's County, MD. At the time, it was designed to handle 75,000 vehicles a day for the next 20 years, but reality didn't exactly cooperate. It saw that volume level in just eight ...

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    Midas crowns America's commuting king

    Auto repair shop chain Midas has declared Dave Givens to be the ultimate road warrior, with a daily round trip of 372 miles, earning him the America's Longest Commute award. Every day, Givens drives from his 7.5-acre ranch in Mariposa, CA to his electrical engineering job at Cisco Systems in San ...


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