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    VIDEO: GM re:invention commercial gets the spoof treatment

    GM re:invention spoof video – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We'll start off by saying that this spoof on General Motors' Re:invention commercial is not exactly fair and not exactly accurate... but it is funny. It comes from an Onion-esque type website with a decidedly sharp take ...

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    VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz 2010 E-Class commercial is out there. Really out there.

    Click above to watch a Euro-market commercial for the 2010 Mercedes E-Class
    As if you needed any more proof between European and American cinematic viewing tastes, this one also a reasonable demonstration of the different perceptions of Mercedes in the U.S. versus residents of The Continent. It ...

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    AdAge provides a glimpse at how GM's financial crisis is affecting its marketing efforts

    The "television upfront" is the term used when networks sell advertising time for the coming season's shows. An advertiser will commit to buying a particular amount of commercial time and then pay much closer to the show's airing in the fall. With everyone still unsure of whether GM and Chrysler ...

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    The voice of Lexus is now the voice of Mitsubishi

    Even though he had a long television acting career, you probably don't remember James Sloyan – but you know his voice – perhaps better than you'd like. Sloyan has been the narrator for every Lexus commercial since the brand's 1989 launch. Imagine the slogan "The Relentless Pursuit of ...

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    VIDEO: Fisker runs commercials in L.A. before Oscars

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    The Fisker Karma is on its way, and Henrik Fisker wants the world to know about it. The company bought two one-minute spots during the Oscars telecast, and they happened to play just before two of the evening's most hyped celebs did their turns on the ...

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    All the Super Bowl car commercials you missed while in the bathroom

    We were having more fun watching the commercials than the actual game up until the last quarter of last night's Super Bowl XLIII. It seemed all the big, extravagant car commercials were shown around kickoff and the first quarter, but we caught a few good ones throughout the game that shouldn't be ...

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    VIDEOS: Hyundai Super Bowl commercials featuring Genesis Coupe have arrived

    Click above to watch Hyundai's Super Bowl commercials after the jump
    This Sunday, Hyundai will debut five new 30-second spots before and during the Super Bowl featuring the Genesis Sedan, Genesis Coupe and the sultry sounds of Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin from Smashing Pumpkins. We've already ...

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    FOLLOWUP: VW's Matrix-style advertisement garners 100+ complaints

    Click above to see the VW Golf commercial
    So it's not just America that gets up in arms over commercials. Remember the Matrix-styled ad with the Volkswagen Golf designer fighting various versions of himself? It seems a number of British telly viewers think the commercial "is in breach of the ...

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    VIDEO: Three new 370Z commercials

    Click above to view the three new 370Z commercials
    Three video spots for the new Nissan 370Z show the marque is serious about reclaiming some of the genuine sports car credentials that were crushed underneath the weight of the last version. Apparently done before Nissan changed its tagline to ...

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    VIDEO: AutoCar Ad of the Year - Volkswagen's Singing Dog

    Click above to watch the video
    AutoCar readers have voted on the year's best car commercial, and unsurprisingly, it's not from America. Neither is AutoCar, sure, but that still doesn't quite explain why we get GM's Our Country ads and the rest of you get ninja kittens and singing dogs. We're not ...

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    VIDEO: McLaren makes a Singapore Sling Zing

    Click the image above to view the video
    We know that McLaren has a sense of humor, we simply never know when it's going to reveal itself. Happily for us, the team has decided it's time to laugh again. The Singapore Grand Prix, on September 28, is the first Formula 1 race at night, and team CEO ...

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    Coke Zero (Zero Seven) commercial features new Bond theme

    Click the image above to view the video
    Jack White, one half of the Whites in the White Stripes, wrote and produced the new theme song for Quantum of Solace, sung by White and Alicia Keyes. Turns out that White also -- unwittingly and unhappily -- wrote the new theme song for Coke Zero. Coca-Cola ...

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    VIDEO: MINI creates Bzzz for Clubman with new commercial

    MINI has a new commercial for the Clubman that looks like a teaser for a new Tim Burton film -- all it's missing is Johnny Depp. Detailing the arcane goings on at a funeral for a fly, we aren't sure how the commercial is supposed to make humans want to buy the car, but that's why ad guys get paid ...

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    VIDEO: Camaro TV spots through the years -- some more bitchin' than others

    inputstring3907209236 width450 titleoverrideCamaro Commercials Through the Years thumbids3558659364, 1820645673, 2431670562, 2647810900, 1613644370, 2117803458, 3537936226, 3284622571, 4236670134, 504290177, 822885043, 1840886473, 511351749, 2859813393
    Well, all the Camaro buildup is finally ...

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    Sam Hubinette's Lamborghini LP-560 drifting video

    When Jaguar's "Gorgeous" campaign TV ads came out a few years back with the XK, some ad critics questioned the none-too-subtle message they contained: older, distinguished gentleman gets to frolic with beautiful young women when he drives this car. Whether or not that's the case -- concerning the ...

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    Kia marketing execs leave company because of ... Millard Fillmore?

    Next Monday is President's Day, and a lot of workers will get the day off. Some other employees, like former Kia execs Len Hunt, CEO of Kia Motors America, and Ian Beavis, VP of marketing, will have more than just the day off: they recently ended their employment with Kia over what's being ...

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    Today's Lexus is brought to you by the letter "H" - new hybrid advertising campaign

    Offsetting the GX and LX opulence-filled 'Utes posessed of large mass, Lexus has trotted out an advertising blitz focusing on its Hybrid vehicles. The campaign, which imagines a world without "H," points out that Lexus has had hybrid cars and SUVs on the road since 2004. The new campaign is titled ...

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    VIDEO: Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl ads

    click above image to view Hyundai's Super Bowl commercialsThe Super Bowl is this Sunday, and that means we get to see the best commercials that money can buy, and perhaps some football, as well. Hyundai was unsure whether it wanted to spend $2.5m a pop for two :30 spots (a voice over by the Dude ...

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    Want to save the world? Buy a HUMMER

    Here's a test of your unyielding devotion to all that is cloaked in green. First, let's set the scene. It's the wee hours of the morning, the wind-driven rain is still howling against your house, and you're huddled on the second floor, waiting for morning. You've spent most of the night trying to ...

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    VIDEO: Renault's crash ballet car commercial

    Renault really got the creative juices flowing when it came time to brag up its glut of five star European crash test scores. The result is a new, 93 second TV spot. It starts off elegantly enough, but soon, side mirrors start to explode, and by the end, a couple of Renaults are going all Dukes of ...


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