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    Automotive color palettes are headed back in time

    Paint is not all that exciting, hence the phrase, "like watching paint dry." This means that automotive paint suppliers don't usually have much to talk about, outside of the annual silver-is-the-most-popular-car-color press releases that get picked up by every media outlet on Earth. This one, ...

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    Ford reveals Europe's color preferences by country

    Ford has released a study it conducted across Europe to determine which of its colors are most popular in each country. The results reveal that white, black and silver remain the most popular colors, edging out the company's bolder hues. It turns out people in Turkey choose white Fords more than ...

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    Silver still most preferred paint, but what's next?

    Silver has been the most popular color on cars for the past six years, and the godfathers of paint at PPG predict it will remain the king for quite some time. This fact doesn't stop these connoisseurs of color from searching for the next contender of silver's throne. On Thursday, PPG showed off its ...

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    Is it time for wilder paint on street machines?

    Hot Rod magazine is bemoaning the lack of interesting paint colors and schemes on today's street machines, and who can blame them? It was just last week that we had the same conversation with some local gearheads. Sure, we love the subtle silver and grey of Joe Rogan's Sick Fish 'Cuda, but it seems ...


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