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The northern states can experience up to six months of frosty weather.

Fishtailing is a scary experience.

A telltale sign that winter has arrived is when your car windows are completely frosted over.

One of the scariest aspects of owning a car is driving in adverse weather conditions.

There’s nothing in driving that’s quite like hitting a patch of black ice.

The parking brake is an important braking component that is only used when a vehicle is parked.

Winter weather can make driving difficult.

It’s no secret that ice is not fun to drive on.

Preparing your car for winter driving conditions is extremely important no matter where you live.

Tire pressure helps to maintain good traction, support, and control of your vehicle.

If you are from an area with consistently inclement weather, you’ll know the hardships of driving in the winter.

Remember the Slip ‘N Slide from childhood? They were those 16-foot long sheets of wet plastic that allowed you to gather up a full head of steam, flop on your belly, and slide with reckless abandon to a (sometimes) dangerous stop.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

As the leaves start to turn, those who live in cold weather states know it’s time to prepare for winter.

During the winter or on a particularly cold night, it is not uncommon to see your doors frozen shut.

Cold temperatures and winter weather cause many issues with vehicles.

Before the introduction of spring loaded hood and trunk latches, and after the manual hood "stick" was used to prop hoods open, several cars, trucks, and SUVs made in the 1990s had a series of support shocks that prop the hood and trunk open for convenience.

So you’ve just moved to a new city and your apartment won’t be ready for a month.

Cold winter mornings are one of the worst times to have problems getting your car started.

When your car won’t start, it’s easy to immediately jump to the battery as the problem.

When the white stuff starts to fall, you need to take action.

If you live in an area where snowfall is a possibility, then you need to be prepared for winter driving conditions.

If you live in a cold climate, likely one of your biggest concerns when you are considering which used vehicle you should buy is how well it will perform in snowy, icy conditions.

While the safest option is to avoid driving in bad weather, sometimes you just have no choice.

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