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    Crushed Ferrari makes for world's most tragic coffee table

    This post isn't for the weak of stomach or faint of heart. The sad truth of being an automotive enthusiast is that we're all hoarders on some level. We yearn to collect various bits of paraphernalia plucked from our favorite race teams and derelict junkyard hulks. Now Charly Molinelli Design has ...

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    Video: Subaru 2.5-liter coffee table makes excellent Christmas gift, turbo sold separately

    Subaru flat-four coffee table has better 'Ring time than IKEA version – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Using an engine as the base for a table isn't new. Gearheads have been turning four, six, eight and even 12 cylinder mills into furniture for a long time. However, someone has ...

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    Shelby Cobra coffee table joins the Autoblog fantasy living room

    The Autoblog fantasy living room keeps on growing fuller (and tackier) by the day. And while we may pine for the occasional item from our growing list, most of the time we're thankful our significant others (or our own sense of good taste combined with our blogger's budgets) keep us from going ...

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    The coolest coffee tables made from reclaimed automotive sheetmetal you'll see today

    Nine Stories Furniture auto sheet metal tables - Click above for an image gallery
    This whole cash-for-clunkers global movement is sure to result in a lot more dead iron in salvage yards, but that may not be such a horrible thing if that trend gives birth to more neat stuff like this. The folks over ...


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