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17Forget 'Cars and Coffee,' the future is cars ON coffee

For many of us, coffee runs our lives. Without the bitter, caffeinated brew, most of us wouldn't be able to get up in the morning or avoid fading in the afternoon. Now, new research from the University of Bath suggests we might want to get our cars as hooked on java as we are. Regardless of the variety of coffee used, the UK institution has found that coffee grounds are a great source to create biodiesel.

AddUsed coffee grounds could be used to make biodiesel

There's more energy in that morning mochachino than just the caffeine. You know that bit of foam you get on the top of your espresso before you start adding all the steamed milk, sugar, and assorted flavorings to the point where you can't even taste the coffee anymore? That foam comes from the fact that coffee beans contain oil. Even after the beans are ground and brewed into assorted drinks, some of the oil still remains. As a biomass product with 15 percent oil in it, those leftover coffee gro

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