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    Carroll Shelby files lawsuit against SAAC to enforce agreement

    From the "Don't Tick Off Carroll Shelby Department" comes the continuing saga which is the SAAC vs. the performance Mustang patriarch. We told you earlier about the feud between Shelby and SAAC owners Rick Kopec and Ken Eber over the cancellation of the Shelby club's license, and as of yesterday, ...

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    Australians get 404 hp/398 lb-ft FPV Cobra

    Click image for photo gallery var digg_url = ''; While we wait for Ford to let the SVT gang loose on one of the Oval's US-market sedans, it's business as usual in Australia, where the awesome can't be stopped, ...

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    Speed traps be damned! Cobra unveils first radar detector with GPS

    The feeling one gets when they receive in the mail a hefty ticket for speeding is extremely bad, but the cop-dodging experts at Cobra have come up with a terrific tool. Cobra's XRS R9G is the first US laser and radar detector that utilizes GPS Navigation to warn drivers of known speed trap cameras. ...

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    Call it Chester - Cheetah making a comeback

    If Cobras don't do it for you on track days, you can now make the same choice that was available in the '60s. While Caroll Shelby was stuffing FE Fords into mild-mannered AC Aces, Bill Thomas Race Cars was developing a competitor called the Cheetah that could run with the fire breathing Cobras, as ...

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    "Pimp my Vue" preview? Cobra accessories for Opel Antara

    Click image for photo galleryThe new 2008 Saturn VUE is almost upon us, but in Europe, it's been out for a while as the Opel Antara. As such, accessories for the Euro-spec car have already hit the scene. The latest batch comes from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle, whose stuff we've covered before. ...

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    Carroll Shelby gives two-wheel tuning a try

    We love Carroll Shelby. You love Carroll Shelby. We all love Carroll Shelby. Repeat. We also love the cars that have the Shelby logo on them. Except, maybe a few of the Dodge products in the 80's. An Omni probably should never be called a Shelby. Anybody disagree? (Yes. I owned one. -Ed.)Now, ...

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    Cobra Technology & Lifestyle gears up the Suzuki SX4

    Click image for mini-galleryWe last saw Cobra Technology & Lifestyle when they introduced a set of accessories for the Nissan Qashquai, and the next ride they've decided to focus their attention on is the Suzuki SX4. The SX4 is a nifty-looking little hatchback, and it offers AWD and rugged-ish, ...

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    Schumacher buys a Shelby

    Oh, no. Il Commendatore would not have liked this one bit. Scuderia Ferrari's now-retired seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has gone and bought himself a Shelby Cobra. Initial reports identified the car as one of six super-rare Daytona Coupes, but corrected reports confirm it was ...

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    Starting 2007 off on the right foot

    click on image above to see high resolution gallery with 50 picsNow here's a New Year's resolution we can get behind: pledging to drive our classic or high performance cars more. We're not talking about street racing or anything illegal, mind you, just a little spirited motoring to hear and feel ...

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    Essen Nissan: Cobra N+ Nissan Qashquai

    Click to enlargeThe Nissan Qashquai is about as brand spanking new as brand spanking new gets, and already companies are making with the aftermarket bling. Exhibit A: Cobra Technology & Lifestyle, who have put together the Qashquai you see here for the Essen Motor Show, opening next week. The ...

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    Happy Halloween: Performance pumpkin

    There are those of us who love cars, then there are those who spend hours delicately carving the likeness of an AC Cobra into an orange gourd. This jack-o-lantern was found on Flickr member Norbini's page, though it's not clear if he is the artist or just an admirer.Anyone else seen any impressive ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Copperhead Cobra

    If you thought 50 Cent was crazy for taking his Lamborghini to Alsa Corp to be painted with a chrome finish, you will flip when you see this. For about 17,500,000 pennies, you can own this Cobra replica that's been skinned in copper. The aptly titled Copperhead Cobra is an example of the roadsters ...

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    Shelby Mustangs close in on Cobra for licensing troubles

    A federal court judge just did what many fellow racers were never able to do: Slow Carroll Shelby down. One-time Shelby Mustang licensee Jon Wilhelm of Wilhelm Motor Works was given the green light to proceed with a huge ($250 mil) countersuit against Carroll Shelby International, Inc., Carroll ...

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    New 4.6L "niche" motor may be on the way for the Mustang

    With Ford readying one or more special-edition Mustangs to slot in between the GT and the Shelby GT500, there is a need for an engine that will bridge the gap between the SOHC 4.6L's 300 HP, and the supercharged DOHC 5.4L's 500 HP. And it's impossible to ignore the fact that the Mustang GT will ...

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    CNN reports Top 10 Muscle Car Stars

    CNN Money has published a list of the "Top 10 Muscle Car Stars" as compiled by Kelley Blue Book. Some of the picks are obvious, such as the Hemi 'Cuda convertible, GTO Judge convertible, and the venerable Plymouth Superbird. More of a surprise is the presence of the Ford Torino Talladega, which is ...

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    A guide to building your own Cobra replica

    Sure, AC may be bringing a pre-built Cobra to the US, but say the $94K price tag is just too high... or, perhaps you want the full DIY experience. Hot Rod Magazine evidently felt the same way, so it obtained a Factory Five Racing Roadster kit and attacked its 256-page instruction ...

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    Ford Shelby GT500s going for $20,000 over sticker!

    Ford Motor hasn't even announced the MSRP for the Shelby Cobra GT500 yet, but enthusiastic buyers have already promised dealers that they will pay $20,000 more to get their hands on one.CNN/Money reports that Ford dealers advertising on eBay Motors are asking for bids that indicate the amount over ...

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    AC Cars signs deal for U.S. distribution of "real" Cobras

    AC Cars Ltd. and Texas-based Unique Performance, Inc. have announced an exclusive distribution deal that will bring AC's MkV roadster to the U.S. market. The carbon fiber bodied roadster is produced in the U.K. by AC, Britain's oldest automotive manufacturer, and the company that built the AC Ace, ...

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    Ford kills SVT - 2007 Shelby Cobra Mustang to be performance division's swan song

    Inside Line has the skinny on something that will bring tears to the eyes of many a high-performance enthusiast... the end of SVT as we know it is close at hand. Stephen Cole Smith of Inside Line predicted such a fate for Ford's in-house skunkworks, and on on April 1, 2006 ...


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