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    Official: Mopar opening Custom Shop at Cobo

    While other automakers have been streamlining their brand portfolio, the Chrysler Group has shown no such signs. It's got the Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep brands, plus Fiat, and it recently broke out its SRT and Ram nameplates into their own brands. And you can bet each will have its own presence at ...

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    Report: Organizers vow city bankruptcy won't affect Detroit Auto Show

    Detroit's bankruptcy is going to mess up a lot of stuff in the coming months – if not years. One thing that shouldn't be affected, though, is the North American International Auto Show, held at downtown Detroit's Cobo Center. Currently in the midst of a much-needed $299-million renovation, ...

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    Official: Nissan unveiling fragrant new stand at Detroit Auto Show

    Nissan has a new stand planned for next week's Detroit Auto Show. While the display includes the usual gamut of cutting-edge lighting and staging elements, Nissan has also taken to piping in a specially created fragrance designed to put visitors at ease. According to the automaker, "A distinctive ...

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    Report: Detroit Auto Show sees strongest opening weekend in years

    The 2012 Detroit Auto Show is off to a galloping start. Organizers estimate more than 750,000 people are expected to show up to take in the newest hardware from the world's automakers. Sunday saw 102,918 people attend the exhibition, which is an increase of more than 3,800 people from last year. ...

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    Report: Detroit Auto Show will be crammed into Cobo Hall until 2017

    Automotive News reports that the Detroit Auto Show will remain in the Cobo Center for the next five years. Rod Alberts, executive director of the North American International Auto Show, and Thom Connors, Cobo Center general manager, signed a contract that will keep the show at Cobo through 2017. ...

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    Confirmed: Jaguar Land Rover won't exhibit in Detroit

    Detroit Auto Show attendees hoping to gawk at the latest sheetmetal from British luxury stalwarts Jaguar and Land Rover will be disappointed to learn that the marques will not be displaying at Cobo Hall this January. Instead, the pair will concentrate on showing their wares at India's New Delhi ...

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    Video: Virtual tour of Cobo Center, the Detroit Auto Show's proposed new home

    Each year, we know four U.S trips are etched in stone, the Detroit Auto Show, Los Angeles Auto Show, Chicago Auto Show and the New York Auto Show. But even though Detroit is the biggest show in terms of vehicle unveilings, the facility that houses the event just isn't cutting it. Detroit's Cobo ...

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    DetNews: UAW convention in Detroit draws protestors

    The United Auto Workers are gathering in Detroit this week through Thursday to elect new leadership, and delegates from around the country are filing into Cobo Hall – home of the Detroit Auto Show – to have their votes counted. And even though union membership has been cut in half over ...

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    BREAKING: Fire breaks out at Cobo, Detroit Auto Show evacuated

    Instant gratification can be an amazing thing, a fact evidenced once again by the always-on-top-of-things nature of Twitter. Apparently, Detroit Auto Show attendees were evacuated from Cobo Hall a short time ago after a reported electrical fire broke out at the Audi exhibit. Says the official ...

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    Event Alert: January Calendar of Automotive Events

    January 2010 not only kicks off a new year, but also signals the end of the Naughties. The automotive landscape has changed quite a bit since the days of the Y2K scare, but some things remain the same. January still hosts the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) at Cobo Hall in Detroit, ...

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    2010 Detroit Auto Show main floor is full, recession officially OVER

    The 2009 North American International Auto Show was a bit of a disaster. The very difficult and uncertain economic conditions resulted in several high-profile automakers dropping out of the exhibition. Among the absent automakers were Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi and Porsche, and a quick jaunt ...

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    Cobo Hall expansion reportedly cleared, paving way for NAIAS to stay in Motor City

    It's been a long road with more than its fair share of protracted negotiations and questionable decisions along the way, but the Detroit City Council has finally cleared the path for Cobo Hall to get the much-needed expansion, repairs and ongoing maintenance it's deserved for years. By choosing not ...

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    REPORT: North American International Auto Show likely to move out of Detroit, see other people

    In car-related news that will further disappoint an already reeling city, the chairman of Detroit's North American International Auto Show has gone on record that he is exploring ways to move the event out of the city. The very public battle to expand the show's home, Motown's Cobo Center appears ...

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    Michigan's Oakland County to grab NAIAS from Cobo?

    We can't blame Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson one bit for thinking the North American International Auto Show might be better served by moving locations away from Detroit's troubled Cobo Center. The building itself has been in disrepair for years, with a leaky roof and a poor ...

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    The Amazingly Stupid Detroit City Council - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    Nobody reading this blog needs to be told how much trouble Detroit is in. Whether it's the Detroit Three, the city of Detroit, or the greater Detroit area, the story's the same: we're in trouble! One of the very few events that provides positive media coverage for Detroit every year is the North ...

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    Detroit City Council kills plan to expand NAIAS home

    Each year, thousands of journalists arrive in Detroit to see the best and brightest concepts and production vehicles automakers have to offer. It's estimated that the Detroit Auto Show brings in $500 to $600 million dollars annually to the region, which is struggling more than most due to the ...

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    No Spark: What happened to GM's promised 5-door microcar in Detroit?

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevrolet Beat Groundhog Day edition
    Earlier this week, when General Motors rolled out the very same 3-door Chevrolet Beat concept that it showed back in 2007, we were a bit confused. After all, GM's Ed Welburn teased all of America when he pulled back ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Green driving comes to Cobo's basement

    Unless you're trying to outrun a Corvette in a Fiesta, driving indoors is not typically recommended, what with the toxic fumes and all. Low-emissions vehicles may change that and the Detroit Auto Show's organizers will illustrate it by converting Cobo Center's Michigan Hall into a green test track. ...

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    Japanese CEOs sitting out Detroit show, scale back the glitz

    Honda and Toyota may not be joining their colleagues at Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki in canceling their participation in this year's Detroit Auto Show, but they still won't be laying on the glitz and glamor that have become the mainstay of past events. For starters, both Honda's and Toyota's ...

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    Cobo Hall expansion plan approved... will NAIAS recover to need the space?

    Automakers have been fleeing the Detroit Auto Show in droves over the last few months. Porsche, citing slow sales in metro Detroit, was the first to announce it was pulling out of the NAIAS, but Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, Land Rover and Rolls-Royce all followed suit shortly thereafter. While much ...


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