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    Official: GM recalling over 40,000 Chevy, Pontiac and Saturn models over fuel pump woes

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a recall for a number of General Motors cars and crossovers bought or currently registered in the hot-climate states of Arkansas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas. As many as 40,859 units consisting of the 2007 Chevrolet ...

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    Official: Chevrolet Cobalt lives... in South America

    The Cobalt lives. Well, not here in the United States, where the Chevrolet Cruze has thankfully banished all memories of GM's last uncompetitive compact, but at least in Argentina. Alongside the Colorado Rally Concept, Chevrolet is displaying the Cobalt Concept you see here at the Buenos Aires ...

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    Report: Certain Chevrolet, Nissan owners most likely to die in a car crash?

    We've got some sour news for you if you've got a Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Cobalt, Nissan 350Z or Nissan Titan in your driveway. According to a new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, owners of those particular vehicles are more likely to die in an auto accident than ...

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    GM President Mark Reuss: Chevrolet Cruze Coupe "may show up"

    Chevrolet Cruze - click above for high-res image gallery
    Check out this little nugget General Motor's North American president Mark Reuss let slip during a recent web chat: "[...] 2 door cruze is a nice idea, and it may show up in the global market. As we have 2 door Cobalts currently, [North ...

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    GM recalls 1.3 million Cobalts, G5s for power steering problem

    2010 Chevrolet Cobalt XFE – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Communications professionals know that the best time to release bad news about a company is at 5:15 pm on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend. By the time everyone comes back to work the following week, so much other ...

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    Edmunds looks at Toyota Corolla, Chevy Cobalt steering complaints, calls out NHTSA

    Toyota Corolla is one auto being investigated by NHTSA over steering complaints
    Through much of the recent deluge of recall announcements and ensuing media coverage, there have been large groups on either side of the issue, quick to criticize or to defend the automakers and the governing bodies ...

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    GM recalling 53,000 Chevy Cobalt, Saturn Ion, and Pontiac G5 models over fuel leak concern

    2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS - Click above to view high-res image gallery
    General Motors may have shed itself of much of its pre-bankruptcy problems, but the automaker still has to tend to its warranty and recall duties. As such, GM is recalling 53,000 Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac G5 and Saturn Ion ...

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    Booo! GM also canceling Cobalt SS Sedan for 2010

    2009 Chevy Cobalt SS Sedan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    OK, we can stand losing the Impala SS for the 2010 model year, but we've just learned that the grim reaper at General Motors is also claiming the Cobalt SS Sedan. The news comes straight from the automaker's 2010 Online ...

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    GM recall affects 277,000 models with shifter problem

    Citing a defect that can cause a parked vehicle to roll away, General Motors is recalling 277,000 cars and trucks. The models involved, all built for the 2009 model year, may have a loose clip on their transmission shift cable. The failure of the clip to be locked into place may prevent the ...

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    GM cuts 1,100 staff at Lordstown plant to meet slowing demand

    Click above for more high-res shots of the Chevy Cobalt SS
    Less than 2 months ago the headline here was GM ramps up Cobalt production to meet demand. It's amazing how quickly things change in this crazy environment. Just months after adding a third shift at the Lordstown, OH assembly plant where ...

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    Review: 2009 Chevy Cobalt SS Turbo

    2009 Chevy Cobalt SS Turbo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The first-gen Cobalt SS failed to deliver with a supercharged 2.0L Ecotec four-cylinder producing 205 horsepower and a cast of supporting components that did little to hide the Cobalt's rental car roots. But then something ...

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    GM ramps up Cobalt production to meet demand

    Click above for more high-res shots of the Chevy Cobalt SS
    General Motors cites the success of the current Chevy Cobalt as the reason for delaying the launch of the Cobalt's replacement, the upcoming Cruze, in the States. In order to meet the market's soaring demand for small cars in general, and ...

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    Oh snap! Consumer Reports rips Aveo a new one

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Chevy AveoConsumer Reports isn't known for completely trashing cars in its reviews. In fact, the publication is more often criticized for going too easy on them and finding something to like in everything that passes through the CR garage. But dang if they ...

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    Chevrolet announces 2008 Cobalt XFE improvement

    Soaring gas prices and tightening credit are currently pushing consumers into smaller, cheaper, more fuel efficient vehicles. However, due to past demand for high-powered, high capacity people haulers, the current economy car market consists of fairly slim pickings. Many great developments are on ...

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    American Axle strike idles first GM passenger car plant

    When the American Axle strike began, GM had a 106-day supply of pickup trucks on dealer lots, and even a month-long strike likely wouldn't have hurt the Detroit automaker. It has now been more than a month, the strike isn't any closer to ending, and now GM's car plants are joining its truck plants ...

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    2008 Chevy Cobalt SS Sedan first look and pricing

    Click through to the source for more pictures of the Cobalt SS SedanChevy's Cobalt SS Coupe goes on sale soon, but the door count comes up short for some folks who would otherwise consider the turbo-fed modern-day Z24. Powered by the 2.0 liter turbocharged Ecotec four that does an uncanny ...

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    Pics Aplenty: 2008 Chevy Cobalt SS Coupe beauty shots

    Click above to view more new high-res shots of the 2008 Chevy Cobalt SSEverything looks better with proper lighting. The 2008 Chevy Cobalt SS just stepped into the studio for its glamour shots and they didn't come out half bad. Though the Cobalt itself is somewhat ancient compared to other small ...

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    VIDEO: 2008 Chevy Cobalt SS Turbo runs the ring

    For you Cobalt fans, GM race driver and director of high-performance vehicle operations, John Heinricy, gives the 2008 Cobalt SS Turbocharged a sound thrashing on the Nurburgring. Even better, he talks you through it for much of the way. There's an interlude where he gets quiet, and if you didn't ...

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    VIDEO: Autoblog Podcast #68 (enhanced)

    Podcast 68 Part One (CTS-V)The enhanced version of Autoblog Podcast #68 is now ready for your discerning eyes and ears. In Part One, we talk about the ridiculous horsepower of the CTS-V and in Part Two we dive into GM's upcoming RWD Alpha program, which could underpin a future G6. The ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #68

    Getting back in the groove, we bring you Autoblog Podcast #68. Starting us off is the battle of the inside sources, where we debate which GM mole is correct about the CTS-V. One rumor has the hottest little Caddy getting the Blue Devil's 600-horsepower 6.0L V8. The competing theory is that there'll ...


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