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co2 emissions

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    REPORT: Audi of America president de Nysschen calls Chevy Volt "a car for idiots," slams electric vehicles

    Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen is a big fan of diesels (no surprise), and during a recent chat with veteran auto journo Lawrence Ulrich, de Nysschen imparted a few choice morsels on the pitfalls of electric cars, with an extra helping of wrath aimed at the Chevrolet Volt. To start, ...

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    Luxury automakers could get partial exemption from CO2 rules

    2008 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG – Click above for high-res gallery
    It looks as if some manufacturers could be getting at least a partial "Get Out Of Jail Free" card for the new national greenhouse gas regulations announced by the Obama administration back in May. The EPA and NHTSA won't issue ...

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    Lamborghini adding solar power to factory, vows to cut range CO2 35% by 2015

    In the grand scheme of things, the facilities and products of Lamborghini don't really amount to a hill of beans. After all, the company only has one main factory that produces a few thousand cars a year. While those cars are high-powered and consume a lot of fuel per mile driven, Lamborghini ...

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    Geneva 2008: Bentley's future involves drawing straw

    The big news from Bentley in Geneva wasn't really about today -- but stay tuned for 2012. Bentley plans to have its wheel-to-well measure of CO2 emissions down to less than 120g/km, from 400 g/km now. How? By lightening the cars, by engineering better transmissions, and through powerplants able to ...

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    Lamborghini exploring ways to reduce CO2 without sacrificing the sound and the fury

    Both Ferrari and Lamborghini's CO2 emissions right now exceed 400 g/km. The EU has set a goal of 120 g/km for a carmakers' fleet average by 2012. Last week, Ferrari said it planned to at least get down to 280-300 g/km by 2012, which, while still more than double the target, represents a 30% ...

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    VW & DaimlerChrysler put out more CO2 than last year... kind of

    In 1998, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association said that in ten years it wanted cars to put out 140g of CO2 per kilometer. According to the latest report from Transport & Environment, a "green pressure group" according to the BBC, only two makers are close to that, and two out of ...

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    Ferrari to help save the world by lowering CO2 emissions

    Ferrari may only produce about 6,000 supercars per year, but the Italian automaker still wants to help control global warming by reducing its CO2 emissions by 40-percet. That's a substantial savings when one considers that Ferrari will need to reach their goal by sustaining and likely improving ...

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    Ford to launch Econetic range of ultra-low CO2 cars in Europe

    At next month's Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford of Europe will show off a new line of powertrains that produce ultra-low levels of CO2. The engines will be common-rail diesels and will first appear in early 2008 under the hood of the Ford Focus ECOnetic. In the Focus, it should produce a class-leading ...

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    Greenies war on fun: CO2 limits might kill Ferrari, Porsche

    Are Ferraris and Porsches condemned to becoming track-day-only toys? Europe already appears well on its way to outlawing ultra-high performance vehicles. Can the US be far behind? That's the question Bloomberg is asking. The culprit in the attack on sports cars isn't necessarily their speed, but ...

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    Honda: high tech means low profits

    Michiyoshi Hagino, a Senior Managing Director at Honda Motor, sees profit margins inevitably falling as vehicles incorporate more and more advanced technologies to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. More efficient gasoline engines, clean diesels and hybrid powertrains are all driving ...

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    BMW to add stop-start system in 2007

    Autocar reports that BMW plans to launch its Automatic Engine Start/Stop System next year - one of the fuel economy and emissions reduction components of its "Efficient Dynamics" technology package, as the company aims to meet its commitment to the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers ...


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