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    Shocking Study: Researchers find that men and women don't want the same thing (in cars)

    This just in: early reports inform us that water is, in fact, still wet. Also, the clever minds at CNW Market Research have discovered that an individual's personal tastes in a vehicle varies greatly depending on gender and age. Shocking, we know. According to the data, women typically base their ...

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    Report: Teen car sales drop as jobs remain scarce

    We all remember our first car. There's nothing quite like the memory of seeing your parents hand you the keys to a vehicle you can call your own, and the experience has historically happened somewhere between a child's 16th and 18th year. Right? Perhaps not. It seems that the time-honored act of ...

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    Does car color correlate with personal confidence?

    Click above to view gallery of more happy and confident carsWe've long suspected that the color of your car can tell others a lot about you, but the fact-finders at CNW Market Research have done extensive studies on the matter, and the results are a bit surprising. Many associate bright colors with ...

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    Ford incentives on the rise

    Fresh off news that Ford Motor Company was raising prices by an average of $502 per vehicle, the Dearborn automaker told dealers that the company would significantly increase incentives. The goal is to keep older vehicles like the Mercury Milan and Ford F-150 moving off dealer lots while also ...


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