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    Singapore's Aston Martin Club Lounge is our kind of dive

    Aston Martin Club Lounge Singapore – Click above for image gallery
    You drive up in your Aston Martin. Maybe it's a classic DB5, maybe its the latest DBS. You climb out. Walk into your private club, and order up a martini. Are you in a James Bond movie? Nope. You're in the Aston Martin Club ...

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    James Winner Jr., inventor of The Club, dead at 81

    James Winner Jr. made a unique mark on the automotive world. He created a product that took the country by storm and ushered in a new age of aftermarket theft deterrents. And now he's gone. Mr. Winner lost his life on September 14th, 2010 during a two-car crash in Clarion County, ...

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    Dream into Reality: PF1 formula driver's club

    Not just anyone can get behind the wheel of a modern F1 car and drive it, you know (Witness Richard Hammond trying to drive a Renault F1 car). But PF1 is aiming to change that. The new company buys recent Formula One racing cars and retunes them for usability before selling them to wealthy – ...

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    Segrave: the Harrods of supercar clubs

    You may find this incredibly difficult to relate to – if it isn't, this writer has "personal sponsorship opportunities" available – but some people don't find the existing supercar clubs exclusive enough. Enter stage left Harrods, the ritzy British department store that caters to just ...


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