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Airbags are getting a bit of a bad rap at the moment from Takata's recall, but as we all know, the devices can be lifesavers. Even motorcycles are getting into the tech with companies finding ways to mount the bags on the bike or attaching them to riders. The latest innovation comes from cycle gearmaker Alpinestars, with an evolution of its Tech-Air system. The creative solution puts the bag and all of its sensors in modular form into specially made jackets.


Isaac Mizrahi's clothing collection "inspired by the all-new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu" will hit the LivingSocial Shop in less than a week. Pitching the Malibu to women, Chevrolet announced in August that the fashion designer would create a line with cues taken not just from the Malibu, but also from the kinds of women who "embody the persona of the new car."


If we didn't know that this news came from AdWeek we'd think it came from The Onion. Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, previously connected to everything from Bergdorf Goodman and Liz Claiborne to QVC and "Project Runway," is throwing his name behind the Chevy Malibu.


When using or wearing branded gear is cause to ask yourself, "Um, too much?" the answer is usually a resounding "Yes." If you're incapable of responding to this question honestly, then Porsche Design has created a new suite of accessories for you. The Colors of 1968 collection celebrates the available hues of the 911 at the close of the sixties: Tangerine, Polo Red, Irish Green and Ossi Blue.


The fight against pollution may soon take the fashion industry by storm as your clothes may clean up the mess your car puts out.


For those Ford Edge owners who have been wondering what to wear with their new CUVs, Ford has teamed with Detroit Red Wings goalie Dominik "The Dominator" Hasek on a range of Edge-branded apparel. Aimed at active women and available through Dominator Clothing's online store and it's Birmingham, Michigan outlet, the promise of "High performance edge from zip to zen" awaits all takers. The discretely-branded line features three tops, a pair of pants, and a kit bag, all in the Edge color palette, w


Ah, Fashion Week. That time of year when designers roll out their most extravagant, over-the-top Spring fashion ideas so we can have the Target knock-offs next April when the weather actually allows us to wear them. While Y3, Vera and DK may be the stars in NY, here at Autoblog we turn to that well-known and well-loved spy photog fashionista Brenda Priddy. Brenda's line of casual wear was recently unveiled with much less fanfare on cafepress.

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