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    SPY VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

    With the new C-Class sedan already firing on all cylinders, Mercedes-Benz is preparing its compact wagon variant. Some intrepid paparazzi managed to catch the upcoming C-Class Estate undergoing apparent cold-weather testing with minimal camouflage, in a video that you'll find after the ...

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    VIDEO: Audi re-mixed

    Audi Quattro fans should love this video. Compiled of footage of Audis old and new taken from television commercials, motorsports coverage and even a couple Top Gear segments, the five-minute video quickly gives you all the four-ringed circus you could ask for. Despite the occasional (and ...

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    VIDEO: Rollover avoidance taken to the extreme

    We're not sure which event this clip came from, nor are we aware of who was behind the wheel, but this takes the proverbial cake when it comes to driver skill, rollover avoidance and downright luck. Not to mention the sharp cliff the BMW's pilot came within inches of tumbling over while ...


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