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    Featured: Public opinion swings hard against traffic cameras
    Protesters Rallied Against Speed Cameras Sunday In One Long Island County 1416238140

    On election night, Jason Sonenshein merely hoped an anti-traffic camera ballot initiative for which he had campaigned would squeak out a win. He was nervous. In the days leading up to the election, traffic-camera proponents had increased their advertising, including a TV spot featuring an ...

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    Official: Ford starting up 2.0L EcoBoost engine production in Ohio

    Joe Hinrichs, Ford's President of The Americas (pictured above), announced today that in late 2014, the automaker will be building the 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder at its Cleveland Engine Plant, a move requiring a $200-million investment and the hiring of 450 new employees. European-built ...

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    Video: Don't drive on the sidewalk in Cleveland, or this might happen to you [w/poll]

    There are undoubtedly hefty fines for passing a stopped school bus with its flashing lights on and stop sign deployed, so Shena Hardin, 32, of Cleveland, Ohio, thought it would be an acceptable alternative to use the sidewalk to pass instead. Back in September, Hardin was seen using the sidewalk ...

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    Video: Students find a way to fix potholes with fluids

    Potholes. Crews are out now tamping new asphalt into the pockmarks that winter leaves on our roads, but what if there were a cheaper, easier way to quickly mitigate these wheel-eating voids? Students at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University may have the answer. In April, the team took first ...

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    Study: What cities have the most patriotic car buyers?

    In this case, "patriotic" refers to car shoppers who buy from domestic manufacturers regardless of where their products are actually built or designed. Not surprisingly, reports that the Big Three are most popular in the Midwest, with more than two-thirds of car sales going ...

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    Western Reserve Historical Society selling off (more) rare cars

    This is a bit sad. The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum collection, part of the larger Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, is selling off 19 of its 175 cars in order to climb out of debt. Among the cars being offered to buyers are a gorgeous seafoam green 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL ...

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    Former Ford plant home to thousands of unsold Hondas

    Being a Clevelander, I had already heard about what's going on at the site of Ford's former Lorain Assembly plant. At one time it was producing more than 10,000 vans and SUVs per month, but that number dwindled until eventually the plant was shuttered in 2005 and the property sold to the ...

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    Witness: LeBron James busted doing 101 MPH

    Being that I hate the local news in my home town, I had to find out from our friends at Jalopnik that Cleveland's own self-made messiah, LeBron James, got busted for breaking the century mark while driving home from the airport after an away game in New Orleans. An Ohio State officer pulled James ...

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    Cleveland Rocks! Thanks to Limited Edition Ford Shelby GT Standard Stratocaster

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery of the Limited Edition Shelby GT guitarBeing a native Clevelander, I hop on the chance to celebrate my city because, honestly, there's usually not much to celebrate (our river caught on fire, for Pete's sake!). But hey, we've got LeBron James, make ...

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    30 minutes with a Jaguar XK

    Recently we had the opportunity to spend some brief time in Jaguar's latest offering, the XK. The timing couldn't be more perfect as rumors are swirling about Ford possibly putting the luxury marque up for sale. All we can say is that if every Jag were more like the XK the British company would be ...


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