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17BMW X4 reclaims dash of utility with Clemson student project [w/videos]

BMW seems willing to exploit every automotive niche it can find with creations like the four-door, 'crossover coupe' X4 and X6. Of course, these designs come with a compromise. That svelte fastback means that they just can't haul as much cargo as a more traditional, boxier hatchback. Fortunately, students at Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research might have a novel solution: the engineering graduate program has turned the crossover into a unique pickup.

AddClemson University looking at $15 million grant for fuel cell powering site and cars

Clemson University is talking with a California company that makes fuel cells to power their graduate school of automotive engineering under construction at the International Center for Automotive Research. The proposed fuel cell would use natural gas or propane which would then generate the electricity used by the site, and during off peak times make hydrogen for use in vehicles.

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